Monday, April 21, 2008

A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit Of That

As promised, some time ago, projects from Tim Holtz's class!

My Daughter, Amber and Me

We did not plan, at all, to wear the same thing.

Like Mother, Like Daughter!

Shower Curtain I made from a vintage quilt for our remodel in Pinetop, AZ

Grandson, Chandler, playing one of his many favorite games.

My Parent's Bed Minus One of My Parents

It will soon be occupied by them both as my mom will, once again, be released from rehab and sent back home. My dad refuses, once again, to choose to move to Assisted Living. I respect his wishes, but still grieve that there is no easy answer for them. It is hard learning to let one's children make their own choices, and it is just as hard sometimes to accept one's parents' choices.

Hey, by the way, mom would be very upset that I took a picture of her bed unmade. If she was at home this would never have occurred.


Her Vintage Stage said...

I have encountered that same problem. I always start the post all over again and didn't save it. Recently I noticed an erasure looking icon in the bar above next to the add picture icon and will try this. I also went through all my pictures and put them right side up so I wouldn't have to turn them every time. Hope this helps. Thanks for all of the nice and welcome comments. Sandy.

Arcadia Living said...

Isn't it fun figuring out the blogging stuff? You can change or remove any photo or posting by going to Posts in your dashboard and clicking on Edit next to the listed post...

I loved the photo of you and your daughter wearing the same shirt!