Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yesterday All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away

Weeks ago, at blog class, we joked about posting what we ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I did not really know what the jokes were about because I was totally new to this blog thing. Well, now the joke will be on me. Can't help it. Yesterday, as I went out on my back porch to eat my salad, I stopped dead in my tracks after setting down my plate. I loved the view. My plate is one of a few pieces I found while antiquing across country,with my best TN friend Suzi. We have been best friends since college and both share the same passions. We frequently ( but not frequently enough) indulge ourselves with these cross country trips, laughing, eating, drinking, antiquing, sharing, and just plain feeling like we have run away and joined the circus. The plate my salad was on stirred up memories of all these latest wonderful times. The salad looked mighty tasty as well, I might add.
Then my eyes traveled across my flower bed immediately in front of my table. Heaven, I'm in heaven. Where else in the world would I have rather been, at this moment? A perfect lunch, a perfect moment in time.Thank you, God.

Now, if I could have only eaten the plate!