Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Glamour Of It All

All of a sudden I am loving rhinestone jewelry. ( I am not loving my photography, as usual. I must somehow, sometime, someway, learn how to take better pictures!)I have been bidding on and purchasing vintage clip earrings. I intend to clip the earrings all around the bottom of a lampshade, at the cottage. I am quite excited about this prospect. The last time I liked rhinestones I was in the fifth grade. My mother always took me to a shoe store that sold Buster Brown shoes. She always insisted we wear what she would refer to as "good" shoes. "Your feet support your whole body", she would say. Next would come, "Your shoes are the most important item of clothing you wear". It took me wwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy into adult hood to allow myself to purchase a pair of shoes at a shoe store other than a department store. I can still see those shiny black patten shoes. They were like Mary Jane's without the strap. There was a little ( the only thing my mother would have liked about the rhinestones was their size---and then it would have been best if they were so small one could not see them at all )row of rhinestones across the curve of the shoe. The curve of the shoe next to the foot. I recall maybe five of them on each shoe, all sitting sweetly next to each other with equal spacing. Those rhinestones were shining as brightly as the patten finish. I begged, I pleaded, and then I begged some more for those shoes. My mother tried her best to talk me out of wanting them. She told me I would tire quickly of them. She told me they were not classy. ( To this day, the very best compliment, in my mind's eye, is to be called that magical word, classy) My mother begged, she pleaded and then she begged some more. I am still fascinated, actually, that she let me talk her into buying them for me. Not my mother's usual response to an item she would consider tacky. My mother has sophisticated taste. She came from humble beginnings but her taste is of royalty. If you are reading this post, you might want to look back at a post of mine called, It's a Heartache, Nothing But A Heartache. It features a picture of my mom and dad. Just look at the picture and you will quickly see the elegance her features behold. I owe any sense of design I have to my mother. Anyway, for whatever reason, she allowed me to have the shoes. One of the very few times , maybe the only time I remember winning a debate with my mother. Rhinestones hold a special place in my heart, for more than one reason. Aahhhhhhhhhh, the glamour of it all.

Next post, this story will continue.

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Alice W. said...

I love rhinestone jewelry! Looks like you have some fabulous pieces! Thanks for visiting my blog!