Friday, May 16, 2008


  • I have much to say and write but am in the midst of other necessary responsibilities and--

  • I cannot find my camera. I cannot find my camera. I cannot find my camera. How am I supposed to learn if I cannot even find my camera? I actually was going to turn off the flash before taking pictures!

  • Worked today creating August product, for client, which was inspired by paper purchased yesterday at Mystic Paper and trim purchased at Sas. I will post a picture when I find my camera! What fun. I love my job. I no longer care what day of the week it is! No more TGIFS!!!

  • Packed up a lot more of my furniture today for moving to Pinetop. My dream house, of the last two decades, is starting to look like I am moving. I have very mixed feelings about this sentimental journey.

  • Purchased the summer blogging magazine at Mystic yesterday. I have not allowed myself to visit any of the sites,however do yourself a favor and visit one of the newest sites to blog land which is You will not be sorry you took the time to travel or the gas spent getting there.

  • My time is limited at the moment and I am tired. I normally like to post when I have a big block of time to dedicate to my writing----although one might not be able to tell this from my writing. Smile. I will be doing a blog about this very thing at some point. All of this to say, moving is in progress. Posting will be iffy. Reading will be enjoyed with coffee though, so all you other bloggers out there---I definitely need my coffee!!! Get blogging!

I will say good night as you can see above tomorrow I have to be Up N' Atom.


Sweet Sage said...

Hope you find your camera soon! Can't wait for more posts about that Dream Cottage!

Judy said...

CeCe, did you ever find your camera? Hope so! Thanks for the tip about "rosesonyourway"! Wow! Kim has gone stratospheric on us! It's beautiful! Thanks! My son improves with each passing day.