Sunday, May 4, 2008

Is It Any Wonder

These are the little corner shelves on each side of my garden window. I intend to grow herbs, or at least try. You can see the pine trees reflecting in the glass of the open cabinet door. Surely, if these pine trees grow, I can learn how to grow a little sage, rosemary and thyme?

Yep, you are seeing correctly. This vintage pedestal sink is shown sitting in the driveway. It stayed there over night until we got up the energy to move it inside to the new powder room. I am sure it gave the neighbors a little scare. It is now safely in place. This piece was another find on the trip across country, with my friend, Suzanne. It was sitting outside in the antique shop's yard. Come to think of it, I fell in love with it when I saw it outside, not inside. It looks darling inside or outside to me!

Lined shelves in kitchen cabinets with shelf paper----have not done this in over 24 years, as my cabinets in valley have melamine lining. Soooooo----was this fun? No. Soooooo----do I still love my cottage cabinets? Yes!

Remember this beauty I purchased, at the estate sale, in the Evergreen Historic District? I decided to use it and other vintage hand crocheted bedspreads and tablecloths as the curtains for all the sliding glass doors. It is one of my favorite ideas, as it provides some privacy, utilizes something I love, and is easy to use, not to mention I hate vertical blinds.

I put this unit together for a closet. I do not often use a screw driver to build something. Paper, fabric, and scissors are more of my thing. I was quite proud of myself. Of course I am not telling how long this task actually took me or how many times I had to redo it. Smile.

And last but not least, A Star Is Born. Is there anything more fun than watching your grandchild do just about anything other than playing a video game? Is it any wonder I Left My Heart In Pinetop?


Sweet Sage said...

Starting to look a lot like "HOME"! I especially love the sink & the curtains. :) Sweet!

Alice W. said...

Love your sink! Great find!!!