Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where To Begin

Where to begin? My honey went golfing in Pinetop, for the first time today. He has been working hard all this past week on many inside items. He put our closets in yesterday. The next time we come we can actually hang up our clothes. He also finished book shelves at the end of my kitchen counter tops, to hold my cookbooks. Will post these later. I am quite proud of him as he has never been much of a wood worker. We are now waiting on the butcher block counter tops. Once these arrive we can have the plumber come back and hook up farmhouse sink, other bathroom sinks, washer dryer, etc. So looking forward to actually being able to do wash! Did I really just say I want to do laundry???? I had the house all to myself today and what did I do? I cleaned. I meant to play on my computer all day long but I could not stand the total mess everywhere one more minute. This remodeling is so much messier than just plain ole living.
I have posted another lampshade along with the remaining stash from my eBay frenzy, for vintage rhinestone jewels. You will also find below some more gardening items. I am absolutely in love with the rose trees. The smell is like perfume, as I walk by. The hydrangea pot I posted earlier is close to the roses. I want to see how it fares, as now I want tons of hydrangeas in the front bed. There is much yard work to be done but first things first. Alright, it is time for a hop, skip, and jump to the local Mexican food restaurant for margaritas and nachos. Happy hour ends at six so I best get going. Talk again soon!

Lampshade with rhinestone earrings clipped to top.


New Rose Trees for each side of stairway to porch.

Yesterday's Work

Results of yesterday's work.


Kims Kul-de-Sac said...

Love what you are doing, but miss you being here!

Judy said...

Your new house is going to be a delight! Full of wonderful things as well as a lot of eye candy! What a treat your blog will be to watch as you get the house settled to just what you want. More pictures!

Judy said...

Just finished my blog for today. Wanted you to know that you were my inspiration today. Thanks!!

Garden Girl said...

Ooooh, I am so envious of your hydrangeas! Your house is as charming as it can be. It's so tempting to leave the Valley behind for the mountains. I will be living vicariously through your blog....
And thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a nice note.