Monday, January 4, 2010

January Second and Third

My Irish eyes still don't have it figured out but I am pondering everything as I go through these first days of the new year. I have not signed up for the swap. I go back and forth in my mind! One minute I tell myself NO! Keep to the plan of computer learning. The next minute I find myself purchasing more Valentine things and dreaming of the project. I do have something in mind to do with the purchased items even if I pass on the swap this year!
Aren't these glasses cute? I want to use them in a packaging idea for my business. Dreaming something up in my mind!
My Honey, documented with a magazine in his hand last night-Can you read the cover?
Golf week --- the sport he plays. The remote is not too far away --look next to him--- it is on the couch so he can reach out and touch it. Smile.
Now this made my heart go pitter patter and has been ever since I opened this note and box late at night on the second day of the month. A New Year's box arrived from TN filled with homemade goodies and other treasures but the treasure pictured, along with the note, is one of those presents and surprises that one cherishes forever. Deco watch of a dream and it was sent to me!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, my dear, cherished, Suzanne!

Does this look familiar? Looks like January 1st, huh? Isn't though-
is the next night January2nd--
I don't know why he keeps closing his eyes- Maybe he doesn't want us to see the mischief in them. When I took this he asked me if I was going to make fun of him on my blog. I told him, no--- wasn't making fun---just recording some of our daily goings on----
Whether the same thing is going on in your life or different daily activities I hope they are rewarding and pleasing.
Today I am off to have breakfast with Janice and Bonnie at our favorite breakfast place, T. C. Eggingtons. Then I will be running around gathering more business supplies to take back up to Pinetop with me for my work creations.
Mr. Randy heads back today to be there for Chandler after school. If football is on tonight for them, I won't be there to take a picture. Shucks!

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