Saturday, January 16, 2010

January Sixteenth

I love the way these droppings out of the tops of the Pine trees look in the snow. They look like little plants growing.

Up close and personal view-
To get this picture I had to step out on the back steps. When I did so my foot went straight through a pile of snow and I almost lost my balance. My foot got wet but that was the extent of the damage. It was worth it. I like up close and personal!
This is our stock pile. The back yard, in the above pictures, will look very different a
week from now. That is, if the weather people are right. We are scheduled to get snow starting on Tuesday for four days in a row. I think my pretty little pine droppings will be covered up with snow. The above wood was gathered and brought up from our wood pile in the yard. This wood is covered and right outside the side door. Our other pile is covered with tarp but tromping out in the snow to gather wood is not fun. I imagine we will be gathering some more before Monday night.

We also took a field trip today. We went to Wal-mart and bought chains for the truck and then we went to the Subaru dealership. There we looked at their Outback which has all-wheel drive. We were quite impressed. Cars have never been our thing. In fact, our motto is, the fewer cars you own in your life, the better it is for your net worth. However, when you live in the high country, having four wheel drive, at least, is a smart thing. Soooooooo, we are starting to look. I have a sneaking suspicion when Randy puts the chains on the truck we will be looking more in earnest!

I have been working on product creation and I also wanted to take a picture of something I did for my dining room table, but unfortunately, Wal-mart did not have red taper candles. Do I have lots of these in the valley? Yes--but do I even know where they are packed away? No-- so would I gladly buy some more up here? Yes--but we don't have a Target. I am just assuming Target would have these! Everyone that lives up here keeps wishing for a Target. I am included in that everyone!!
You know though, I just glanced over at the table and it doesn't look that bad with the creamy white candles. Got you wondering what it is I did for the center piece, don't I?
I just need to add something---not sure what yet---but when I figure it out I will take a picture and share. Sooooooooo--- come back to visit, pretty please.

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Sweet Sage said...

Love the pine 'droppings'! So pretty in the snow.
Enjoy the coming blizzard and
Stay Warm~