Tuesday, January 19, 2010

N Your Dreams Snow Report For January Seventeenth and Eighteenth

Foot prints last night on deck when I was going out to take the below pictures as the first round of snow had fallen.

Porch Railing Last Night
Porch Railing This Morning
I wish the truck wasn't in this picture. My jeep is covered up with snow to the point it hardly shows up in the picture. It is in the drive on the left hand side of the picture. I love how the snow flakes look. This, too, was taken this morning when the railing picture was taken.
Is this gorgeous or what?

Can't wait to get that ugly dish thing off the roof. I am thinking it is probably bothering me much more than you ,when you look at the picture! Randy just told me, after looking at my picture, he will get it off the roof this spring for me. Along with my fire in the fireplace, that makes me feel warm and cozy. Smile.


Paris Cowgirl said...

Smiles right back at you!

Sweet Sage said...

yes ~ gorgeous.
be warm.