Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January Twentieth Snow Report From Pinetop

The Railing This Morning
Randy swept it off, sooooo--- this will be the last railing snow watch, for accumulation.
View From The Porch
View From The Side Porch

Clear Our Way Out
Now understand--The porch had been cleared off yesterday-
Path to the Cars
I am mad I did not take a picture of the driveway we dug out so the cars could get out of the driveway. Trust me--it was a workout.
The wood we had gathered and placed on the covered porch. Wind was blowing obviously.
My snow boots making their way to take the following picture-
My Favorite--Doesn't it look like lace on the fence?!

From what we hear this is just the beginning-
Randy parked closer to the street so we would have less to shovel tomorrow.
We have a snow plow scheduled to come on Saturday-
From what we hear Saturday will be the end of this go round-
From what I know-
There will be another beginning and another ending-
Is what keeps life exciting, isn't it?

1 comment:

Sweet Sage said...

wOw! That's ALOT of snow!
So pretty .. LoVe the 'lace'!
Tons and TONS of rain down here .. definitely not as pretty. Hoping it will be the beginning of a LoT of calls for leak repairs!! Hoping it will be the ending of a very long dry spell~