Saturday, January 23, 2010

January Twenty Second and Twenty Third Snow Report From Pinetop

Well, this time we were without power for around 32 hours. I did not have Internet service, lights, or anything involved with electricity. It came back on this afternoon. Yesterday, after shoveling, Randy and I both read books. He read The Shack and I read Lovely Bones. We read last night using flashlights. We now have a list of things we need to get, for these times. I have my grandmother's kerosene lamps---in the valley. Bringing them up here! As I said in my last post, I am a power kind of girl. I don't want to be without it. I must say, though, the house looked lovely with all the little candles flickering and it is seldom I get my husband to sit and read with me. That part was fun. Smile.

More Snow Beauty
The Beauty of it All!
My Angel is totally covered now.
An all too familiar site, lately. I have been out there also. We would spell each other. Further down you will see how far the path is to the cars. We keep having to shovel them out, as well. We have a person coming to plow the berm, at the street, in front of the cars. In fact, he is here right now. I just hope it does not snow again tonight!
The backyard. See the snow up to the top of the fence!
The steps right outside the back doors.
Looks like we will be shoveling out back, too. Our central heat and air is still out. We are guessing the pilot light is out due to all the snow. The closest path to the unit is through the back yard-- Oh My. Again, we are not cold downstairs due to the wood burning stove. Tonight we will also have our electric mattress pads. Maybe I shouldn't speak so soon. Let me rephrase that. Hopefully, tonight we will have our electric mattress pads warming up our bed.
View from our bathroom. The front trash can is not as high because I cleaned it off a couple of days ago.
A neighbor's house in back of us, to the side.
My new refrigerator! We have to watch carefully, as we have critters up here!
Luckily everything is now back inside in the real refrigerator.
The long path to the cars--
Hope your path is clear for fun!


Anonymous said...

It looks COLD! But the photos you are posting are beautiful.

CeCe said...

It is cold, Jennifer---BUT--- you would be surprised at how much colder it seems in the valley compared to here. I would have more clothes on and be colder in the valley than I am here. I don't know what it is--just does not make sense to me but is the way it is. I wore a top and sweatshirt out today and was just fine! Go figure. Oh, and it is beautiful-when the electricity is on!