Friday, August 21, 2009

Amber Reared Her Ugly Head Again

On Tuesday of this week Amber reared her ugly head again. 
Her head used to be so beautiful or was it just an illusion?

Anyway, out of nowhere she texted Maria she was leaving the state and she was taking Chandler with her.
Maria texted her back telling her she was not taking Chandler because Maria had custody now and there were warrants out for Amber's arrest.
As I understand it, Amber replied warrants did not go across state lines and she had not been served with papers about Chandler.
We have been informed warrants do cross state lines.
Maria called the school and put them on alert and then called the detective. After school police were sent to the school to make sure Chandler got on the bus safely and to be there to arrest Amber if she showed up.
Grandy picked Chandler up at the bus stop in our neighborhood. He has a little walk to our house. Grandy normally only picks him up when it is raining. The weather was beautiful that day. Chandler asked Grandy why he came to pick him up. After Grandy explained what was going on Chandler once again amazed us with this comment. I am not putting it in quotes as I am not positive of his exact words. Well, the tables are turned around this time because we can call the police on her!
To my knowledge Amber has since not been heard from.

Grandy is on his way to the valley as I type this. We have an appointment with Gordon, our counselor, at ten this morning.
I constantly recommend counseling so it is important that I take my own advice. It always amazes me that most of us will go to the Dr. if we have a physical ailment but we choose not to seek help for the mental ailments. It is my opinion the mental is closely linked to the physical. Well, anyway, going for a booster shot today. 
I am well rested now and feeling better. I worked on the last of my September packaging yesterday and will spend the weekend working on October packaging. 
I turned the television on last night for the first time since I left town to go to TN. I wanted to watch it while I ate my very greasy chips with cheese and guacamole from a favorite Mexican fast food place. It wouldn't come on. I was getting frustrated to no end so I just ate my chips and looked at a publication.Later I called Grandy to get directions to operate it. Used to be there was a power button one pushed and the television was on. Not now though, Oh my, what it takes just to turn on the television.It has been glorious not to have it on for so long. Don't know what it is with women and men but from my observation most men would be quite lost without the television and women, for the most part, would do just fine. 
I guess I better go change my head by putting my face on with base, blush, powder, eye shadow, etc. Wish I could apply some of this makeup to Amber's face and make her beautiful again. Problem is, there is that mental thing. Do you remember the saying, beauty is only skin deep? I think our mom's knew what they were talking about. 

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