Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Judy said...

Cece: I have seen this "Wordless Wednesday" thing on several blogs. What is it? Can anyone just post a wordless pic and call it "Wordless Wednesday"? Do you have to be tagged? I would like to participate. Can I just jump in??


Sweet Sage said...

Just one word for you .. YUMMY!
Hope you are having a blast!
(And QUIT kicking yourself :)

CeCe said...

I certainly hope one does not have to be tagged as I just jumped in on it myself with no permissin from anyone. Oops, hope I did not create a blogging error. I thought Sandy started it and then I saw Kim of Sweet Sage Vintage do it and I just followed suit!!!! To me it is just posting a picture or picture without any words involved. The more the merrier!