Monday, August 10, 2009

Heres to Celebrating Life

Suzi, Scotty and Me toasting to our beach retreat time!
Nightly drinks on the beach!
Florida time has been wonderful so far-
We have eaten some incredible food at restaurants and at home. On the way down we stopped at a market and got all kinds of fresh produce and fabulous peaches.
We are making a beautiful white book to record our holiday. I ordered these kits almost a year ago from Carol Wingert. Oh so pretty. I will share pictures later.
I do hope you are having as nice a time as I have been having this past week. 
Below is an update on the drama part of my life.

Car Recovered:
  Saturday, while antiquing, Randy called with the good news about Maria's car. It was recovered in the driveway of a rental house. The owner of the house must have gone by to check on the house, which I think was empty at the time. Upon finding the car in the driveway he was able to get inside it through a window. He rummaged around and found a receipt with a phone number belonging to Maria's nephew. Calls were made and eventually Maria had the police go with her to retrieve the car. Randy said it was in good condition. There were some of Amber's clothes still in the back of the car, some keys, but no car key. Maria had an extra car key. The police told Maria, the house where the car was left had been at one  time a meth house. They also told Maria the gentleman that Amber was now hanging out with is a meth dealer. Don't ask me why if this is the case he is not in jail--------have no answers. Bottom line is, car is back, Maria has custody of Chandler at the moment and we are grateful.
  Amber has court today for her DUI. We will see if she shows up for court.


Sandy said...

CeCe you women look so fresh and relaxed in these pictures, nice beach too! Can't wait to see the book! Keep living the crazy life-hear the song...

Paris Cowgirl said...

Have a wonderful time and a glass of wine on the beach for me CeCe!