Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quick Update

I have some pictures to post but it is time to walk on the beach so I must get going. Will just post this good news post update concerning Chandler.

  Finally some good news about Chandler and Maria -
  She went to court in Holbrook before a judge and was granted temporary custody. This custody is for 60 days. She has to try to have Amber served and she has to post it in the newspaper. Amber will have to appear in court on the review date if she wants to regain custody. We are all, of course, thrilled that there is no more threats about taking him. Randy has copies of all the legal paper work.
  Chandler started school on Thursday of last week and he likes his teacher and has seemed just fine when I have spoken to him. In fact, he told me I did not ever need to come home, that he and Grandy were doing just fine without me. Grandy said he did not totally agree with Chandler's assessment. Chandler likes to tease. I think it is good they are having some time together alone. Grandy asked Chandler how he was doing so well with the situation and his answer was simple. He said he just did not think about it. He thought about things he was excited about -- going back to school, etc. Grandy told Maria maybe we should all be learning from Chandler!

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