Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I am kicking myself all over again this morning. It seems to be  a favorite pass time --- this kicking of myself. I am longing for my camera. I borrowed Thom's camera and I did take some pictures yesterday but now I am having trouble getting them from his camera to my computer so I am picture less. Maybe I should title this post Picture less Tuesday. Anyway, I am sitting on the porch, in the swing, with time to chat so I am chatting away. I will be posting pictures at some point come hell or high water!
  Yesterday Suzi, her friend Barbara, and I headed out for Crossville, TN to start yard saleing. While the official 100 ( which has now grown to more like 400) mile yard sale starts this Thursday, many set up early. It was a lovely day. We took homemade pimento cheese sandwiches, along with homegrown tomatoes for our lunch. I bought one item but am grieving over a few things I left behind. A yellow chenille spread and some vintage spools. Ahhhhh--- why didn't I just go on and buy them?! Again, I could kick myself. BUT I did get a treasure. I have taken a picture and I will get it posted come hell or high water!!!! It is a tiny picture that will fit in my pocket it is so little. I am trying to think little this trip since there is no truck here for me to drive back and I already brought two full suit cases. The picture is cottage and beautiful. I adore it and if I had to choose one thing for yesterday it would be this one thing I bought so I am going to concentrate on the happiness of purchasing it the moment I saw it. $6.00--I would have paid up to $20. so I am most happy.

Suzanne's car is at the shop being fixed as I write this. I am not sure if we are heading out for Florida later today or if we are waiting till in the morning. Either is just hunky dory with me.I think I could live on this front porch, with all my latest magazines, for a week. 

Now-update on the little tidbit I threw in on Sunday's post about Maria's car.
Unfortunately ( and that is being overly kind, on my part, in my description of this incident) last Thursday Maria allowed Amber to use her car to take Chandler and a friend to the lake. Unbelievable, I know. Here Maria is, letting Amber, just arrested for extreme DUI and had her license suspended, have her car to drive with two children. Well, when Maria came home from work she asked the boys where mommy Amber was. Chandler told Maria that Amber had dropped them off at home and said she would be back in about an hour. Well, she never came back. Maria called the police but of course since she had told Amber she could use the car she could not file a report. 

Fast forward to yesterday, Monday. From what I understand,Maria was with a friend and they happened to see Amber at Conoco, filling up the gas tank. Maria and Tara pulled in and Maria jumped out of the car. She went over to Amber and Amber told her she was just filling the car up with gas so she could bring the car back to her. Yeah, right. Seems then that Amber and Maria fought over the car keys, Amber won, jumped in the car and sped off. Seems Maria's arm was in the car as Amber started tearing out of the gas station and Tara called 911. Police came but Amber got away. The police told Maria it would be up to the county prosecutor whether to press charges or not. It would certainly seem to me that this time it would be a crime since there was not permission given for Amber to take the car? Randy was upset that Maria had not just sat down in the driver's seat so the car could not be taken but I have certainly been in some frantic emotional situations in my life and when one is in the midst of those moments thought processes are not as they should be. Why Maria continues to put make decisions which put hersef in the middle of this drama is rediculous at best.
Grandy has Chandler since he had his braces removed yesterday. Chandler asked Grandy what was going on when he heard Grandy talking to Maria on the phone. Grandy told Chandler the latest happenings and mentioned that we had all thought Amber had possibly left the state. Chandler then proceeded to tell Grandy in a nutshell the following:
1. She would not be leaving the area because
2. of the way she acted at the lake
3.Chandler thinks Amber is staying with a man named Glen
4. Glen had been at the lake
5. Chandler thinks he knows the neighborhood where Glen lives
6. Chandler thinks Missy ( girl Amber duped about getting a 2 bedroom apartment) might know Glen and he knows Missy is looking for Amber too.
Grandy and Chandler are headed back to Pinetop today so we will see what conspires. 
Oh Me. Oh My--- so the latest drama story line continues. I will keep you posted as the news items come in--

You can just imagine our dismay at Maria's actions. As I posted some posts ago, now not only are we dealing with Amber but with an innocent eleven year old and Maria who seems to be making some very stupid choices. There, now that more aptly describes my thoughts about the matter. It reminds me of when Randy and I attended Tough Love meetings during Amber's teenage years and parents would be given advice about not being enablers. Some parents, week after week, would return to the meetings with the same old story-- they had enabled again. After awhile it became apparent that breath was being wasted trying to help these people. Now though, it is not a stranger that is playing this role. It is Chandler's other mother. 
With that I will stop this part of the post and end with a happier note. 

A lovely breeze is blowing. My hair is washed and clean and as I am slowly swinging I am looking at a meal bin with fresh picked tomatoes on top,daisies being dried for the seeds, gardening gloves and tool. I am off to make a picture of this delightful site to share with you later come hell or high water. Funny, I have not heard or used that saying in years. Must be something stirred from an earlier time.

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Paris Cowgirl said...

I am so happy that you have gotten somewhat of a break. Have a wonderful vacation, keep swinging on the porch and find lots of good things!