Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Basking in the Beauty of a Bath

Monday morning I watered all of my flowers, vegetables, and bushes. There in my yard was my empty bird bath. I filled it with water as I went by with the hose. Later in the day, I took some more garbage out to the garbage can, which was on the street curb waiting for the big garbage truck to come empty it. As I walked back down the drive I glanced over at the bird bath. My heart skipped a beat and joy flooded my being. There were two little birds fluttering and splashing around to their heart's content, in my bird bath. I so wish you could have seen them. Precious. Those wings flapping. It was as if they were cleaning under their arms, behind their ears, and all the other places on their bodies that needed a good washing. I longed for my camera. I ran inside and out again.
 Nope- I saw one fly away and the other one hopped out on a nearby bush. I walked slowly over, in hopes of at least getting a picture of the bird on the bush.
 But wait, what is happening? My mind is now a flutter. The little bird has hopped back in the bird bath. I can't believe it. He is back in the bird bath!!!!!
He did not flutter as much as before but he stayed long enough for me to take his picture. Thank you Little Birdie.

Stay tuned for another Birdie Story soon!

Maybe I should just make sure I got everything cleaned properly.
Better clean my mouth again. Those peanuts can be really messy eating.
I better pose for this lady. She seems to be easily entertained.
Alright, I think I am clean enough and by allowing this lady to take pictures of me bathing I have done my good deed for the day. I sure hope she is not going to put her pictures in an adult birdie magazine. Oh my, I never thought about that possibility as I just let her snap away. 
She doesn't look like the risque type though and this house and yard is anything but porno set material. I think I am safe. Good, because this is a great little bird bath. 
I best be going now.  See you again soon, little lady. Keep that camera handy!

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Chia said...

Great catch! I love taking pictures of the birds.