Sunday, May 17, 2009

Simple Weekend Treasures

My Hydrangea Plant is Coming Back
I had about given up on it and was about to buy geraniums to go in the whiskey barrel. Was thrilled beyond control when I saw the green sprouts. I bought this Hydrangea last year and loved it. 

I planted red geraniums in the vintage wire baskets hanging on the vintage trellis on the side porch. My favorite place to sit outside is on this love seat.

We heard and saw the first Humming bird of the season. Randy filled the Hummingbird feeder with fresh nectar for them. I haven't seen one eating yet but it will happen soon I know.

My Peony's have several buds about to open.

Chandler and I, once again, made homemade pizza, for supper.

If I could take a picture of quiet I would. The house is quiet, except for the ticking of the clock, the sound of the washing machine, and the ice maker every now and again. Randy and Chandler got up early to go fishing. I am having my cup of coffee, answering emails, and posting with no interruptions. Lovely Treasure---Quiet.

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