Sunday, May 3, 2009

Slow Down

After getting myself a Latte at Starbucks, a piece of lemon pound cake ( yes, in the valley it seems it is still around) and an apple fritter, ( don't get their apple fritters-- too dry)  I headed out on Friday for Pinetop. I contemplated going through Payson instead of the canyon. There has been blasting going on outside of Globe and there can be considerable delays. Decided to stick with the canyon route. Listened to a book most of the way. Saw several police along the way. Not too far out of Showlow, one of them decided I needed to see one up close and personal. This particular one was not by the side of the road, although there  was one stopped on the side of the road giving a ticket to some poor soul. No, the one that stopped me was coming toward me. I was following a car but seems I was going much faster than the car I was following. This was probably true as I had passed a car not too far back and had not slowed down enough. I knew I was in trouble. I felt it in my bones as he passed. I knew it for sure when I saw him turn around and start back in my direction. Yep, there go the lights. Oh my, no school bus this time. Just me and my foot on that gas pedal.  I pulled over and waited. The officer approached on the passenger side of the car. Went through the license, insurance and registration. Went through how fast I was going. He asked me where I was headed. I told him Pinetop. He then asked me if I was just going up for the day. I went to answer and the words stuck in my throat. I choked up and got the words out, " No, my husband or I have to be up there to take care of my grandson. " No tears, but it was obvious my heart was in distress. He told me to hang tight . Said he would be right back. Off he went to his car. I resigned myself to having quite the heavy fine. I was going 77 in a 65 zone. When he came back to my car ( and it seemed like ten minutes, not a couple, he spoke. He handed me the paper you see above. He told me the number of fatalities this year and many of them had been on the road I was traveling. He told me to have a safe journey. I SINCERELY said, "Thank you, officer. Thank you. " And so it was, I arrived in Pinetop later than expected but with a paper of warning and not a fine. I will be watching my speed more carefully as I travel the path between the valley and here. I think it might be a wise thing to watch my speed in other areas of living as well.  I don't always need to  be in a hurry. I don't always have to get one more thing done. So, everyone, instead of seeing what else we can shove into a day, why don't we see if there is something we can remove from a day. This just might make the rest of the day more meaningful. Again, Thank you, officer. You made me think about more than my car travels. 


Paris Cowgirl said...

Maybe your officer was an angel in disguise. Hugs!

CeCe said...

Kim, you have not a clue how timely your comment is. Smile. Thank You!

Judy said...

Since I could not find an email address for you, I will answer your question about Brenda and the inn in Pinetop. Brenda and her partner, Jean, decided to give it up because they weren't making any money -- not enough to keep it up. So, it is up for sale. I wish them luck trying to sell a business in this economy in a resort area. That will be tough unless they sell it at a loss.

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