Saturday, May 23, 2009

Take a Look At The Trash

Friday morning we awoke to the trash can turned over. My husband found it and told me to go look. When I went to look this is what I saw---I thought, hummmmm, not so bad, why does he think this is so bad?

Next, as Randy came back out of the house my eyes found this, and then next.....
this......  Folks, the squirrels did not do this. Birds did not do this. A Black Bear probably did this. There seems to be a whole lot of different trash going on in my life. I was going to blog about some more of it but too tired tonight. So----hold onto this trash picture and there will be more soap opera forth coming. It may take a while as I have lots going on this week while in the valley. Don't worry. I don't picture it going away anytime soon. I keep thinking I should be writing a soap opera instead of a blog. Smile. Even in soap operas there are smiles.
One of today's smiles. Class at Mystic Paper with Caroline Miller. Cutest cookbook that has ever been made. Lady to left is named Earline. Fun lady. Lady to right is my dear friend Bonnie. Ladies, no trash here---just good times and great project. Check it out on Mystic's website. 

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Jennifer and Kim said...

Bears, squirrels that eat hammocks, what next?