Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How Much Trouble Can A Husband Be In

   A Lot!
My favorite show in the entire television realm is American Idol. I have even expressed to friends that at this stage of the competition I start to get a little depressed because I know it is not long before the season will be over. I know, I know, ridiculous but true.
  Last night we went to Native New Yorker for wings. Remember the thrifty part of my mom learning's? Wings are thirty five cents a piece on Tuesday nights compared to fifty five cents on other nights. Need I say more? Tuesdays have become Wing Night. After wings we were coming home and watch----of course----taped American Idol. Well, need I say more? Seems my husband had cancelled the regular version to tape the high definition version. Soooooooooo, what did we get to watch? The no version at all. He does not know what happened. High Definition? Who Cares????? Regular show--all I expect!!! I did not get to vote!!! I just finished watching the performances twice, on the computer. I also listened to the judges comments but could not be sure who some of the comments referred to. I wish they would show the entire program like they show regular shows. Well, anyway, all the performances looked great to me. I think this is the best season ever. I like all the finalist but still think Adam deserves to win based on each and every performance being top notch week end and week out. Regardless of who wins I think they all have wonderful careers ahead of them and it tickles me for them.
My husband assures me the tonight's show is properly programmed. I do not think I will be taking any chances. Come eight o'clock tonight you know where I will be. Hope you are where you want to be at eight o'clock too!


Sandy said...

CeCe I feel the same way about Survivor and Big brother! Too funny. I like the new looks of your blog. Thanks so much for your loyalty to my blog! Hope you have a good weekend!

CeCe said...

Guess we all have our can't live without distractions! Smile. My new look is a little busy to me but wanted to spice it up a little! You have a good weekend too!