Monday, May 18, 2009

Yesterday I had the best time playing for about an hour. I got side tracked on my way to work on tags for product. I am so glad I did! Smile.  I wanted to have a special wrap for a gift of perfume. My mother and I always wore the same kind of perfume. For years we wore Estee Lauder Private Collection. How we came to love this fragrance is a future post perhaps. For the last few years, however, we have been wearing Lou Lou, a French perfume. My mother was given a bottle by a French friend. Did you see the film Ya Ya Sisterhood? My girlfriend, Suzanne, smelled my perfume and loved it. Her husband ordered her some for her birthday. We started calling ourselves the Lou Lou sisterhood. Smile. Anyway, I wanted a special wrap for a bottle of the perfume I am sending to a friend. Having supplies in two geographical locations can be a challenge at times. I did not have any appropriate wrapping paper in Pinetop. I saw the perfume lying on my table to be wrapped and decided instantly it was time to do something about it. My friend that I am mailing the gift to had expressed some heartache over a family occurrence---- well, everyone that reads my blog knows I can certainly relate to family heartache! I wanted to make the receiving of the gift a smile for her heart. Below is what I came up with for the presentation.

I took one of the Paris file folders I purchased at Mystic Paper and sewed the sides together, with vintage lace in-between the front and back covers. This would now be the pouch that held the card and perfume.

This is a picture of the box of Lou Lou Perfume

I had several of these little pouches already made. I used to sell them at Merchant Square, in Chandler Az., with my soap line. I make them out of handmade vintage crocheted or knitted bedspreads that need a new purpose. I slipped the perfume inside the bag and tied it with more lace.

I made a card to match the file folder by color copying the folder onto card stock. I then sewed the twill tape with the saying , The Gift Is Small But The Love Is Great along the edge. I cut one piece of the tape with the word Love on it and sewed it above the stamped Paris.

On the inside of the card I glued a pearl type flat button. I also found in my stash of STUFF some Seven Gypsies tissue paper of cities around the world. Of course Paris was one of them so I tore it out and glued it under the button. On my last trip to Mystic I had purchased some of the new transparencies by Seven Gypsies. One of them happened to be perfect for this card. On the computer I created the saying I wanted and wrote the date below so it would show through on the transparency. The date is hard to see in this picture.

Hidden underneath the transparency and saying is this paper heart that I misted with Tattered Angels spray. Love sometimes is hidden from immediate view.
Here is the finished gift in it's entirety. The file folder houses the perfume pouch and card.
Now, I must get it in the mail!

When I was finished with the project I went back to what I started out to do in the first place. I forgot, however, that I had not taken the file folder I was copying, to make the card, out of the printer. When I went to print the tags I had created on the computer, in black, the file folder printed instead. I loved the black and white image! Well, now. I couldn't let this go to waste!!!! Below is what I created from my forgetfulness.
I took the stencil area of the heart I had sprayed and tore it out. I cut out the middle of the heart so the Paris would show through. I sewed vintage lace to the edge of a piece of black card stock. I had a scrap of the twill saying left over so I sewed it to the top. I then sewed the black card stock under the black and white image, creating a pocket. Now I just need to go to Paris!

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