Thursday, May 21, 2009

Squirrel Recycling

One of my favorite pictures.
One of my favorite sites in the yard

Evidence of chewing and knawing going on where the hammock is attached to the frame.

Close up of the pretty edging pulled apart from the base.  See the  piece of string on the ground.

The other side of the hammock with  more evidence of damage.

Spring-- out came the cushions for the outside furniture and out came the hammock to be hung.  My next door neighbor warned me to watch the cushions as the squirrels will rip them to get to the stuffing to use in their nest. She then relayed a story ( unknowing that we had just hung our hammock in the back yard ) about a girlfriend's rope hammock that had been chewed to pieces by the squirrels.  About three days later we saw the first signs. Another day and further evidence of trouble. I have decided to document the demise of our hammock as it is transformed from our lovely hammock into nests for baby squirrels to be born. I am still loving being in the midst of nature. Squirrels and Blue Jays are much more fun to see than scorpions so I am trying to keep a good perspective about my once so beautiful hammock.

And so it is with our family. The strings continue to unravel, a little at a time. I haven't posted much about it lately. Not one major thing has occurred --- just one piece at a time being ripped and torn. 
Chandler received a text message from - I would call him a friend but the truth is real friends do not treat friends this way. The text message told Chandler he, James, could not be Chandler's friend anymore. James told Chandler  his mom was an alcoholic and a drug user and
he could not be friends with someone whose mom was like that.
Ria called James' mom. She apologized. I could elaborate but not necessary. Damage done.

Amber was to have Chandler after school on Tuesday. Tuesday morning Amber texted Maria saying we would need to pick him up from school. She could not get her truck to start and she did not feel good. When Grandy picked Chandler up from school he had to take him by the house to get his baseball uniform as he had a game that night. On the street was a truck with a flat tire. In the driveway was another truck with two flat tires and Amber's truck. Grandy went inside with Chandler as he did not want Chandler entering alone. There were two people he did not know in the guest bedroom and there were also two pit bull dogs. Chandler got his uniform and they left. Later in the afternoon when we took Chandler to his game. Randy saw Amber ahead of us driving her truck. Huuuuuuuuummmmmmmm--thought the truck would not start.

The house papers from paying Amber $2,500. to quit claim deed her portion of the house have been recorded so Amber is no longer an owner of the house. She is to receive another $2,500. when she vacates. I am hoping she does this and Maria is not forced to have her removed from the premises.
Ria went to the police station yesterday to file a report for Amber fraudulently opening an ebay account in her name.  Maria just got a collection notice from eBay. She also filed charges for Amber signing Maria's name for a cable account and a phone account.  All the policemen, at the station, knew Amber. A policeman was going to accompany Ria to the house to retrieve cable equipment to return. He told Maria Amber would most likely be drunk and violent.  Unfortunately the address that was given for the equipment was the address where Maria stayed when she first was kicked out of the house by Amber months ago. Maria now needs to get the cable company to fax her a statement showing that the equipment is at the other address. 
Maria also filed a restraining order which will be issued sometime today.  The police told Maria Amber was partying all over town, etc. They asked Maria if Amber really had terminal cancer. The police said that was the reason Amber always gave them for her drinking. Maria told them honestly that none of us knew. We had seen no proof. The judge that signed Maria's order of protection is also the judge  Amber is scheduled to appear before on May 28th for a pretrial hearing for obstructing a government investigation . The judge was told about Chandler and the judge wanted to know where Chandler was. Maria told him his grandparents had him and that we, along with Maria, had been taking care of him. She told the judge Amber had probably seen him three times in the past month. 
Amber started flipping out when Verizon immediately turned off her phone yesterday. She started texting Maria from another phone. Earlier in the week, when the propane was turned off, there were more threats about Chandler. We suspect the electricity will be turned off again this week from the bill not being paid. Maria has continuously been blackmailed to give Amber money, with Chandler being the pawn.  When she got the collection notice for pay pal we think she decided enough is enough. 

It has not been a month that Amber got the $2,500 from us. From the looks of the truck she is driving it could not have cost over a few hundred dollars. She receives food stamps and  disability. How much can one drink? It was not but about two weeks after Amber got the $2,500. that she started hounding Maria for money again.

So far we have not been threatened. 
Chandler has baseball practice this afternoon. We are scheduled to get him after school and take him to practice. Maria plans to come over after practice to explain her going to the police and the actions she filed against Amber, the best way one can explain to an eleven year old. Randy and I know this is going to get even uglier and we are bracing ourselves. 
We also know just as the hammock is being shredded by the squirrels our emotions are being shredded by our daughter, Maria, and innocent Chandler. Like the hammock being turned into nests for the birth of new life, by allowing ourselves to feel and experience all of our emotions we are growing stronger and building a new life day by day.. It does not look the same as the day before but in it there is beauty to be seen.  Take those sweet little flapping birds in the bird bath.  Take the honor roll award Chandler brought home from school yesterday. Take my husband silently mouthing the words, I Love You, across the dinner table last night. Take the friends I am scheduled to see in the valley this weekend. I would love to now say , Take Adam winning American Idol last night!  Oh well, again the reminder deserve has nothing to do with it and Chris IS cute! And look at Daughtry--- he finished fourth one year and WOW!  Yep, Adam will be just fine. Yep, we will be just fine. 

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