Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Chandler's Baseball Try Outs Last Saturday

I secretly love base ball--- but not for the sport!  Chandler is willing to have his hair cut really short so his hair does not interfere with his playing! 

The above is one of my packaging products this month.
The lollipops are chocolate cherry flavored. I cut out ears from felt and sewed to the bags to make them look like bunnies . I used felt on most of them but I ran out of brown felt so the close up below shows paper ears.

This is my other packaging product for April. On the door it says,Come in and smell the scents of the season. There are three candles inside the gable box, one scent for each month. The little yellow sticky is not part of the packaging. My sample, with my business name, was left in Pinetop so I have covered up the name of the client with a piece of yellow sticky. I can't remember if I posted the first one of these houses I created so I have posted below the winter house. The next one I make will be for July, August and September.

Green is my favorite color lately. 
Chandler is at the golf course with his Grandy. He had his first golf lesson today. We are encouraging sports for him. 
Tonight we have supper with my parents and then it will be home to see who is leaving American Idol this week. Last night my husband and I thought Adam stole the show for the guys and the 16 year old girl is amazing. I voted for both of them and then I just had to call in for Danny. I have quite the soft spot in my heart for him since his wife died just a week before the try outs.
I hope everyone is having a lovely week. It has been good to be in the valley away from Pinetop. I actually might be staying down a few extra days next week. We need to take two cars up so we have more flexibility up there. Since there is still much packing to be done down here I might be staying to get some of it accomplished. I am rather looking forward to some alone time. I know I can accomplish a lot without my boys here! Smile.


dianne said...

CeCe! Your houses are so inviting. I love Adam, Danny and Allison too.

Paris Cowgirl said...

CeCe, you are quite the busy girl. I think some alone time is just what the Dr. ordered! I hope we see you while you're down here.