Monday, March 30, 2009

Ahead of Schedule and a Little Reflective

Yeah, I am ahead of schedule. I stayed up working last night, as I knew I would. I am a little obsessive compulsive or, as I like to think of it, I am focused. See all those baskets below? They were full of craft stuff. I must admit, I was very American last night. I have two large black trash cans, along with four large 33 gallon bags of trash. I threw away years of STUFF. A lot of it I might regret but nothing that can't be purchased again. I also have bags and bags for Good Will. My studio up north is already filled to the brim. We have no storage and until this house in the valley sells we do not want to build the garage that will give us much needed more room. We already have a huge storage shed rented. Is what it takes when moving from 3300 square feet to 1600 and having had two antique booths that are no longer occupied. I decided last night that I must pretend I am moving, at least every five years, just to go completely through stuff and clean out. Today I will tackle the huge hall closet .  After that it is on to the laundry room ( which is also huge. One of the problems is, when I designed this house, storage was a top priority , thus I have plenty of hiding places for stuff, stuff, stuff. Is shameful actually. Anyway, I am pleased to be making progress. The sooner I can get a lot done the sooner I can take a trip to Mystic Paper or/and have a cup of coffee with my dear friend , Kim. How about it, Kim of Sweet Sage Vintage? Are you free anytime the next few days, for a coffee, or a visit to Mystic with me?

The sun is shining through the door as I took these pictures this morning, not last night.
Just a few of the boxes packed up last night.
Studio closet that one could hardly see any wall space when the door was opened, as it is in this picture!
The item you see still on the shelf is a dust ruffle. I am leaving it, just in case someone wants to keep the wall paper.  
Sweet, isn't it? This typewriter and the package beside it describe pretty much my feelings about packing up the last 25 years of my life. The typewriter belonged to my husband's Texas family. When his aunt died, a few years ago, I had Randy send me pictures when he went home to help his cousins clean out the house. No one but me wanted this beauty. I went on line this past week and found a source for new ribbons for it. The ribbons came on Saturday. I am in love with the vintage of the typewriter and I am in love with the technology that allowed me to find ribbons which will make my treasure usable. Yep, the best of both worlds, the old and the new.

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Sweet Sage said...

You. Me. Caffeine??
LOVE that typewriter!
Enjoy your 'quiet time' :)