Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tuesday Was A Lovely Day

Left Open Door Leads to----
Mr. Black's Visit

I got behind in my posting. The good news is, on Tuesday, I had fun! My husband had fun! We both had fun! I gave myself permission to work on a fun ( know I am over using the word fun but I am liking the sound of it!)  project in honor of the birth of my dear friend Suzanne's grandson, Ezra's birth. I completed a paper bag book for him and one for another soon to be born grandson named Luke. I do not have pictures of these books yet but I hope to take some today to post. I am very happy with the way they turned out. 
Randy had fun as it was warm enough and sunny enough for him to go to the golf course at SilverCreek and practice his golf with his spanking new set of irons. This also meant I had alone time in the house!! Smile. 
Well, most of the afternoon I was alone. We have still had a fire in the fireplace continuously as the insert heats our house. I was in charge of adding logs while Randy was gone. Remember I told you it was sunny and sort of warm. Well, seems I left the door open when I went to the porch to get some logs. I went back upstairs to my studio to work. About thirty minutes later I got a scare, just because I was not expecting it. I heard a meow on the steps coming up to the upstairs. I turned around , looked, and there was a neighborhood cat we call Mr. Black. You can see why from the picture. This cat is the friendliest cat I have ever seen in my life. He loves to visit and he demands attention. He, however, does not really want to pose for a picture so my pictures do not show him off very well. Anyway, he visited for a while and left again when I went to get more logs. We wish we could figure out where he actually lives full time. He is fat and well taken care of so we know he has a home.
Chandler was with his mommy Ria on Tuesday night so Randy and I went to Showlow to the Native New Yorker to eat fried chicken wings and homemade potato chips. Just delicious. A little television and then checked emails just before going to bed. Well, I thought I was going to bed. Now, I did say I had a nice day. It is night time now.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Had an email about one of my March deliveries. I do monthly gift packaging for referral deliveries for some absolutely wonderful people. One of my products for March was Pretzels and Root Beer. The custom tag saying was Pretzels and Root Beer for Some Fun Irish Cheer.  The pretzels were in a tub. I had purchased 85 of these tubs of pretzels about three weeks ago at Wall-mart. They were on a large display at the front of the store. I wasn't even there to purchase product. I saw the tubs of pretzels though and knew they were perfect for the delivery. WRONG, as it turns out. I never thought to check the expiration date. I knew they had not been featured for long as I do frequent Wall-mart quite often. I assumed they were current product. I certainly learned a lesson. Seems someone who had received a delivery of the product noticed the expiration date on the tub of pretzels had the date of 2005!!!!!!!! I was just mortified. So, needless to say, I was distressed all night and during the day yesterday. During the last few years of my life I have learned more about being human and that I am going to make mistakes. What I mean to say is I have learned to be less hard on myself. I give others breaks I need to give myself. I grew up in a home that mistakes were considered big time failures. This has been a very hard thing for me to overcome. This mistake with the pretzels has been a difficult one for me because it affected other people. When I make deliveries I want the product to be the best it can be, in order to serve my clients well. Thanks to a dear friend named Janice, I have done the best I can do with the situation. I had her purchase more pretzels and came up with an alternate way to have the tag presented. Luckily, the tag with the customers name is salvageable so I am having it taken off and tied on to the handle of the root beer carton. I also emailed the other client that I delivered this product to and asked her to check the expiration dates and am in the process of trying to correct this product for her, as well. I did not hear from her yesterday so I am still dealing with this issue. It is times like this during my business that give me doubt and I wonder if I should be doing this at all. I love creating the ideas for the packaging though. I love the people I create for and it gives me my mad money to spend on all the paper products and vintage buttons and so forth and so on. As so often, right now in my life, I am repeating to myself, I am doing the best that I can. I am not perfect and I will make mistakes. I just have to try to make amends for the mistakes and move on.  

Alright- next- 
Had parent teacher conference  yesterday afternoon with Chandler's teacher. Grandy and I were glad to hear Chandler is doing well. He can do better and needs to work on slowing down because he gets in a hurry and makes careless mistakes or only answers one question when there are two. The teacher says there is no reason he could not have all his subjects be A's. Mr. Adams says Chandler is a delightful child and he enjoys being around him very much. After reporting back to Chandler every word of the conversation we were pleased to hear him tell us there would be a new student in school tomorrow, which is now today. We will see if he can follow through and stay focused. 
The rest of the afternoon and evening we made huge peanut butter/white chocolate chip cookies for his classroom reward party and Grandy helped him with fractions. We watched American Idol and I was glad to see the three I voted for stayed for another week. I was sorry to see ( can't spell his name) the guy leave that did not get voted through. I wish him well.
I am not sure if Amber even went to the Drs. appointment yesterday. She threatened not to go to Maria. She did not call me to see how Chandler's conference went. Left a message for her to call me today. Chandler gets out of school early today due to parent teacher conferences. Amber is to pick him up. Today is her day to have him. He knows to call us if for some reason she is not there to get him. We try to keep Randy's cell within ringing distance at all times. 
I was up till 12:30 last night and up at 5:30 so I am tuckered. Five hours is not enough sleep for one that requires so much sleep! Luckily my husband is retired and we plan to go back to bed in a few minutes for some more shut eye. This afternoon I will be working on the packaging for May presentation for delivery. It is really cute as is April's. I will also be taking pictures of these to share. 
Oh, lastly, I heard from Susi, Thom's sister about the skirt and top I sent her. She was thrilled with it. It arrived safe and sound. I made someone happy---a favorite feeling to have!

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