Sunday, March 29, 2009


How does one take a picture of silence?!
Grandy and Chandler left for Pinetop . I am staying to pack up some more closets. My first action after they left was to crawl back in the bed and take a nap. As I write this I am still in my pajamas and think I will remain in them the rest of the day and evening.  My plan is to pack, pack, pack after posting. I know myself. I will be up late working and might even start getting my days and nights a little confused. It is the way I have always been. I haven't asked my mom if I did this as a baby. Huuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm--

I am hoping things go well for them. Randy is dropping Chandler off to his MaMa Ria to spend the night. Tomorrow is "our"day again, so Grandy will pick him up from school. I told Chandler he would have to help his grandfather cook while I was gone. Chandler told me they could survive on grilled cheese sandwiches. ( one of the few things Grandy knows how to make)

I promised there was more drama waiting in the wings so I will not disappoint if my soap opera life is entertaining you.  
One night last week, Ria got a visit from Robert, Amber's ex-boyfriend. He wanted to let Ria know he did not think Amber should be around Chandler at all. He proceeded to tell her the reason he had kicked Amber out of his house, the first time, shortly after Christmas- was she had pulled out a bag of meth from her pocket. He told Ria that Amber was out bragging the charges against her for ramming his truck were dropped. He said this is not true. They were some word I can't think of at the moment--maybe vacated? Yes, vacated, that's it. I am not sure what that means. Anyway, the dirt continues. He told Ria that he knew for a fact there was a case against her for a hit and run accident. Said she had been to Absolute Distraction ( her favorite bar--  I actually think the name is a great bar name!) and on her way home had hit some teenagers. Seems this event all ties into her taking her car and leaving it parked in a ditch and reporting her car stolen. This incident happened a few weeks ago. These were the main high points of his conversation with Ria. Now, Randy, also known as Grandy, and I think Robert is upset with Amber and this is his motive for all the dirt. Not that we think the dirt isn't true--just that Robert is not the best outstanding citizen around from what we gather soooooooooo
this event does not change anything. Just adds to the soap opera story.

Only other piece of info we have heard is Amber was seen at Absolute Distraction, one day this past week, at lunch time, wasted, with her head down on the bar. The sources were stopping there for lunch and did not stay when they saw Amber was there. This source is reliable. 

Amber has threatened Ria again with taking Chandler and moving to the valley May 1st. This is about the fifth of these threats. They always come when Amber is trying to extract money or having Ria pay a bill for her----same thing as when she was not going to let Chandler come to the valley----


Again, am just hoping Grandy does not encounter any problems while I am not there to give him support.
I am enjoying the silence in the air right now.  Below are some pictures of some of the not so silent times the past few days. I think, no, I know Chandler had a great time with his cousins and with us this past week. 

Chandler with Mary, mother of my dear friend, Janice's mom. Mary is in town from Wichita and we all met at Peter Piper Pizza. Janice has a birthday this coming week. Her grandchildren will be here from Ohio to celebrate with her. Janice's first grandchild was born on her birthday! Mary is their great grandmother and just listen to what the grandchildren call her-
G.G. Mary---I love it. G. G. stands for Great Grandmother.
Chandler got all sixty one candles on the cake, although by the time they got blown out  a few of them were getting rather short!
The best way to eat cake-dig right in!

I took Chandler by his great grandparents yesterday to swim. They have a diving board while we do not. It was rather sad to me -- not Chandler or the swimming but my parents. It was right before noon and my mom was in bed sleeping and my dad had just laid down on the couch for a nap. I asked dad if he wanted to go outside with me to watch Chandler swim. He said no, he was going to lay down to nap. This was a big surprise to me. I really expected him to want to be with us. I had actually taken Chandler there just to see them. Chandler and I slipped out the gate when we were finished as both Great Grandparents were still sleeping. 
My mom is wearing my dad out. We went out to eat with them earlier this week. It is really getting to the point my mom should not be going out to eat. When I took mother to the bathroom my dad actually told Randy he might have to put mother in a nursing home. I about fell over when Randy told me this. I was hoping to talk to him about this while Chandler swam but decided he needed his rest so as with most things, we will deal with it as is necessary. 
With that last statement I best go get some packing done. It is necessary! Smile.

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