Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Favorite

This is my favorite thing that was accomplished over the weekend. The couch has been sitting on the deck for almost two weeks now. The reason---- it had to be hoisted up over the balcony upstairs to be placed in my studio. It would not go up the stairs and through the doorway opening. Luckily, when we awoke from a nap, we found worker bees in our front yard raking up all the pine needles. Now understand, we did not ask these workers to do this. We had this crew do the clean up work last year but had not asked them to do it again. Great way to get a job I guess. Anyway, my husband went out and negotiated with the head guy. Helping him get my love seat lifted up to my room was part of the negotiations. I was thrilled. The other accomplishment was placing my wonderful seasonal watercolors my friend ,Suzanne, painted for me, in this old window. My husband gave me the vintage watering can on our "tin" anniversary. It was quite the thoughtful surprise at the time. Years later Suzanne painted the pictures for me. I used to change out the flowers for the seasons. The window is not hung in this picture but I plan to  hang it as soon as I finish this post.

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