Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fridays Chronicle

Sometimes I do better when writing in list form because I am such a detail person---tend to want to write every he said, she said, and so forth and so on. Guess this is because I want to hear every single word of a movie and read every single word of a book I am reading. So, with that being said, because there was much drama yesterday, I will try the list approach. I am not promising this will work, you understand!

1.Phone Call from the lady I bought back my hall tree from. Seems she was mistaken about the $350.00 price. I owe her 50 more dollars. After a hurtful and painful conversation with her ( not about the hall tree) about my daughter and her "wisdom", I am putting a check in the mail to her so I do not have to be subject to seeing her again. I did get my chance to kindly tell her were the situation reversed I could not imagine enjoying a piece of furniture in my home knowing the circumstances under which it was purchased.  This is referencing my ice box she would not sell me back. Funny, after dealing with her, I don't think I even want to buy it back. I think looking at it would conger up visions of her and her well meaning but hurtful, uneducated, "Christian"( her word) banter. It amazes me how a person can meet someone, know nothing about the person, and decide that the person does not have the where with all to deal appropriately. I , again, did let her know her attitude was offensive to me but I did know we both had our own relationship with God and that was a blessing. Thank you very much---( I did not say thank you very much to her----that was strictly just out of my mouth and heart for this post! Smile.)
Not doing too well with just listing, am I? Another Smile. Let us try again.
2. Daughter denied STILL, to Ria ( my grandson's other mom ----know this is confusing since I have not spoken  before of this part of my daughter's lifestyle. Anyway, we are close to Ria, which for Chandler, is a blessing. ) that she sold the hall tree. Insisted that Robert ( man she has been involved with ) took it to the dump. Understand, the people at the antique shop immediately knew Amber, by name, when we asked about the hall tree. They had been to Amber's house, given Amber the money, etc
3. Amber hounded Ria all day yesterday, via texting, about bringing her cigarettes and money. Told her she would give her her diamond ring as collateral. She also wanted Ria to pick her up tomorrow to take her to Chandler's try outs. ( You will recall Amber's rental car has been impounded after her arrest, ( By the way, she is claiming to Ria this all was a set up--that she actually did not do any of the things she was accused of doing-claims Robert hired someone to steal her rental car and ram his truck, etc. etc. )
4. Ria came to pick Chandler up from our house around five in the afternoon. Grandy had taken him fishing in the afternoon after school. He had caught one fish and I was cooking it for his supper. 
5. Amber calls Ria's cell several times. Ria does not answer. Amber calls Chandler's phone ( which we pay for, etc. to have for his safety) to get Ria on the phone. Bottom line. She holds Chandler ransom for a pack of cigarettes and 50 dollars. Says he cannot go to the valley if Ria does not bring him by and gives her money and cigarettes. Amber then tells Chandler he cannot go to the valley. Chandler falls to pieces crying and screaming. We are forced to deal with Chandler in explaining his mother is an alcoholic, etc. I told him Grandy and I would do everything in our power to have him go to the valley.
6. We all decide it is worth just giving her the money and cigarettes to appease her to get Chandler to the valley for the week without further drama.  We were ready to just have her call the police but when she committed to letting him leave if the cigarettes and money was brought we thought it the best course to take at this moment in time.
7. Grandy offers to go with Ria. Ria says she is alright. She reaffirms she will not leave Chandler with Amber. 
8. Amber ups the charge to $80.
9. Ria and Chandler call to tell us they are on their way to Ria's. Chandler apologizes to me for not eating his fish. I asked him how he was doing and his response was , "Surprisingly well." 
There are many surprises in our lives. The latest of which is

Randy's phone just rang a few minutes ago. It was the Pastor husband of the lady. He told Randy they had found another piece to take the place of our ice box. It cost $750. though and they had paid Amber $450.00 for "ours". Randy told him he would call him back. We discussed it and decided as I said earlier, to just let it go. Don't know if they wanted us to pay the $750 or what. Don't want to know. Randy did tell him Amber was denying ever having sold them our things. We wanted them to know that someday it might be necessary for them to testify if a custody hearing ever becomes a reality. Randy said the gentleman was very nice and told Randy it sounded like our daughter had some serious issues.    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh---Well, Yes!

This is quite the long post. I struggle with posting some of this. I think early on I told the world I have never been a very private person. I was never taught that old adage about not airing the family business in public. ( Obviously! ) I have always held the belief that sharing our hopes, dreams, and sorrows, gives us a blessing and gives others a knowledge that there is more than one person going through many common sorrows in this world.

I had another muse I wanted to post and talk about but this has gone on long enough. I need to pack up and get this cottage ready for its week of silence. I am sure if these walls could talk they would say they are ready for a break!  We are going to Chandler's little league try outs and then head on down to the valley. 
Hope your weekend is peaceful---yes, peaceful!

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