Monday, March 9, 2009


Chandler With His Ship Drawing.

Chandler brought this home today. Project from Language Arts. I placed it on the refrigerator. I decided it might be nice to post a picture of it today. When he saw me get the camera and go over to take a picture of it he immediately got it off the fridge and proudly held it in front of him for me to snap the picture. Sweet- the picture and the artist! 

Today I mentioned I wanted to learn how to text. Chandler told me he could teach me in less than five minutes. I told him I would like to text his mom about taking her to the Dr. He told me he thought I should call her. I explained to him I had talked to her a few days earlier wanting to know when her appointment was so I could take her and she told me she would check her calendar and call me back. She had not called so I thought it might be best if I just sent her a text. He again requested I call. So, call I did. She told me she had decided against chemo. She was going to go with the alternative treatment. If the alternative treatment was not showing signs of fighting the cancer she could then resort to chemo. She told me her appointment was this Wednesday at 3:30. This Wednesday, at 3:30, is the exact same time as Chandler's parent teacher conference. I told her I would have her dad attend the conference so I could drive her to Flagstaff. She declined. She said I could take her the next time. There is more but for now I will leave it at this. The very insightful part is what I will write about next.

Chandler and I were at the refrigerator getting cookie dough out to make the cookie dessert. I must have sounded sad because Chandler asked me why I was depressed. I told him I was fine ( and truthfully, at that moment I was ) Told him I was not sad at all. I had my two boys with me ----"What more could a girl want", I asked. He looked up at me and said,"Your daughter". I told him he was exactly right but that was not going to happen right now and that I was so grateful to have him and Grandy. And I am--GRATEFUL!

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