Sunday, March 8, 2009

If Only It Was That Easy

Friday I briefly spoke to Amber. I asked her about her next Doctor's  appointment. She told me she would have to check her calendar. Said it was sometime this week. I told her I wanted to go with her. She said she needed to call me back. She didn't feel like talking. She never called back.

I am going to parent teacher conference for Chandler on Wed. When I picked him up from school on Thursday he asked me if I thought I could go to his parent teacher conference. I told him of course. Later he said he thought Ria should go. We tried to work it out for her to go but the teacher's time that was available was not where she could attend. I am thinking I need to call Amber and ask her if she wants to go with me. I also need to ask again about her Doctors appointment. Funny how uncomfortable calling my daughter is. I am often thinking about how bizarre these past few months have been and how different our family is now. I wonder how it all happened. I guess there were signs but hindsight is always better. 

Chandler called Grandy tonight. He wanted to know if Grandy would help him build a robot. He said since Grandy was an engineer he thought he would know how to build one. If only it was that easy. If only being a mom really did qualify you for being able to do it all and do it all right. If only it was that easy.

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