Thursday, March 19, 2009

On A Lighter Note

After this morning's sad and serious post, I thought it might be nice to end the day with a little frivolity. Much happier reading, don't you think? I figure it is the way of life, some sad, but most of the time, happy triumphs in the end. And so I am sharing pictures of my creations this past week. 
For sometime now I have wanted a cute camera and computer bag. I created the computer bag with a vintage quilt and new and old vintage crochet pieces. When I finished it I wanted to forge ahead to creating a camera bag. I got my ugly black camera bag out, to look at how it was constructed and get a basic plan for my bag. Upon looking at it, I decided I needed to use foam padding as a base instead of the quilt batting I had with me here in Pinetop. I was really in the mood to work on this so for a few minutes I was bummed that I was not in the valley of the sun so I could run out and purchase what I needed to proceed. As I was taking pictures of the computer bag, my eyes traveled to the love seat recently placed in my studio--you know the one. I blogged about it a couple of posts ago. Well, it hit me. Slip Cover. I could simply make a slip cover for the ugly black case and I could start the project immediately. Thus all the pictures below. First you will see the camera case. I used new and vintage items to make it. I sewed two strips of the printed twill tape together to make the shoulder strap. I thought this twill had a very appropriate saying as aren't living, laughing and loving what we all are recording when we take our photos?! I must tell you honestly, I loved how it turned out. Smile.
 The second set of pictures is of the new computer bag. I put a large pocket on the outside and the inside of the bag. I also put smaller pockets on the inside made out of a piece of vintage crocheted bedspread. The pictures shown are of both the outside and the bag turned inside out.
I just adore saving old linens and reinventing a purpose for them! May we always, eventually, turn our sorrows into a path of joy. It isn't always easy but it is always possible. 

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M said...

Hi CeCe,
Your creativity is amazing. I loooooooooooooooooooove the camera bag slipcover. Vintage linens...I have my fair share I inherited. Now i know who to go to for ideas!