Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It Feels Good To Be Loved

When one packs up for moving some of the best treasures are found and enjoyed. Yesterday I found lots of the cards I saved that my husband has given me over our years together. The above is one of those cards. I hope you can read what he wrote. This was obviously written when we had been together for five years. Amber would have been 13 when this was written. Amber is 38 now. Twenty five years have passed since he penned this and I am hoping my dear, precious, husband would indeed write the same thing to me again. The nice thing is, I think he would. It feels good to be loved.

Yesterday my goal was to get the laundry room packed. My laundry room was also designed to be a sewing room. Any one that sews knows this means fabric collection. This means bags of fabric. Letting most of it go. When I designed this house, storage was a main priority and storage there is. When we moved into this home I absolutely was tickled pink. I loved all the cabinet space I had to fill. As the years passed, fill them I did. Attic flooring came next, lots of attic flooring. Then came garage cabinets, lots of  garage cabinets. Now I find all this storage to be almost, yes , almost disgusting! I have twelve large garbage sacks of "stuff" to be thrown away. I have taken Good Will bags and boxes of "stuff". I have given some craft things away. And so it goes on and on. I have not even started on my own large walk-in-closet yet. It is just sort of funny to me how our wants and desires change through the years. What once I found so wonderful, I now find almost disgusting! Smile. I am saying almost as I still do adore this piece of land we have owned for the past 25 years. Now though I like my smaller place. I can clean it myself without being completely worn out. The smaller space feels cozy. What I would like, however, is two cozy places, the one I have in Pinetop and another one down here in the valley. Maybe someday----

I was at Trader Joe's yesterday afternoon. Every spring they have these amazing daffodils.  I grabbed some and came home to figure out what I would display them in since my vases are packed. I grabbed a glass out of the kitchen cabinet, saw clear packaging sacks not packed yet and there it was. Well, almost. It needed a ribbon so I went out to the throw away pile to retrieve the finishing touch. See, I am already pulling things out of the trash! 
I wanted to leave you today with a breath of spring!


Sandy said...

You are so lucky and blessed to be so loved! Happy one year blogging too. I am so glad to be able to hear from you again. Your friend Sandy.

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Wow-Oh wow! A year! A year of fantastic sharing. Thank you for allowing me a peek into your life. Thanks for sharing with us all.
Happy Anniversary - Mighty six!

Jennifer and Kim said...

Thank you so much for the "breath of spring" that you brought us! It was good to visit with you and catch up. Thanks for sharing with us. You just keep on going!