Saturday, April 4, 2009

Someone Elses Life

A picture of me with Janice,one of the many friends, in my life, in which I place trust
 As I read the scrapgirls muse today, written by Deboroh Wilcox, I was reminded each of us face different challenges, heart aches, joys and triumphs. Each of us looks different, each of us thinks differently, and each of us feels emotions differently. 
  Deboroh was diagnosed with MS on Labor Day in 2006. In the muse, she describes how it felt, feels now, and how she copes with the illness. She also reveals her husband of 30 years left her after the diagnosis. I was just in a discussion, with some friends about how it must feel to have a spouse not be the person one has trusted. I am thinking about the word trust this morning. In so many areas of our lives we depend on trust. Once we feel secure in something or someone, we trust. Us humans tend to rely on trust and take it for granted. An example that comes to mind is traffic lights. We trust the other cars will obey the lights and signals. Sometimes people do not. Sometimes people die because they trusted and did not exert caution when proceeding after the signal changed. Sometimes people are killed despite being careful after the signal has changed. The other driver, be it from negligence, a sudden medical condition, or driving while under the influence, disobeys the traffic signal and plows into an oncoming car. Even though this happens, the rest of us continue to trust in the system because more often than not the system bears out our trust.

Some of the definitions I found in the dictionary for the word trust
       1. confidence: faith: belief in the goodness of someone
       2. expectation or hope
       3. one who or that which is confided in
       4. credit granted because of belief in one's honesty

It has occurred to me, just as our bodies can be abused by the traffic lights being disregarded, our emotions are abused when our faith is disregarded, be it faith in someone else or ourselves. This is not a new thought, by any means, just a reflective one today as I read Deborah's muse, thought about another woman whose husband left her after 30 something years, and about my own personal dealings with life. I wonder if Deborah found it harder to deal with the betrayal of her body to be healthy or the betrayal of her husband to not be trustworthy. I am grateful I have so many people in my life, including myself, which afford me the confidence to overcome those which do not give me that so desired trust.
 I close my thoughts today with the hope that everything and everyone, in which you trust, will honor that trust.  

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