Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Beautiful Day

These beauties will be going to Pinetop to be planted in the flower beds.
Thank You, Janell! They are beautiful as are you.

This beauty will be worn around my neck. Thank you Joyce. It is beautiful like you.

This beauty---uuuummmmm---what? Well, I consider it a beauty as it is the first and only thing I have done with my online class. It is on a paper bag. Have bought many more supplies and am looking forward to spray paint stenciling up in Pinetop. I had the best of times watching three weeks of class videos in marathon mode. I am liking this online class business so far even if I have not done my assignments. The teacher is not in front of me knowing I have not done my homework. Yep, think this is the best way to go to school! 

Maybe I will take back my last statement under the picture above. I met Kim of Sweet Sage Vintage, at Starbucks yesterday. We met at four in the afternoon and we closed Starbucks down! Being with her was like looking at eye candy blogs for me. She gave me a lesson on the computer about using Flickr. Oh My-- some fun things ahead of me!!!! None of the photographs above have been altered. I hope to play with them a little and post the before and after. See the hat on me. Kim's beautiful daughter, Brianna, sent it to me with instructions to stay out of the sun. Can you guess what Brianna does to earn a living? Skin care and laser treatments. It is going to take more than a hat to help my skin these days but it is a start! Thank you, Brie! Thank you Kim for the wonderful time we had together and making my heart beat faster with all the fun ways I will be playing.

I am off to another counseling session. Gordon is hypnotizing me today to help me stay centered. Maybe I will talk about hypnotism in a later post. It really does make a difference. And with that, I will leave you to have a beautiful day.

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Sweet Sage said...

Thank You for a wonderful evening!
It will be a sweet forever memory. Can't remember the last time I closed a joint down!!
Have fun with your Flickr .. can't wait to see what you'll create. And I'm sorry about that mustache ;0}