Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Night Chronicle

Was it really just this morning that I posted? Seems like longer ago. If anyone has read this morning's post previous to this post one knows my time frame is a little off. I originally had it titled Friday's Chronicles instead of Saturday's. Honestly, did not even know this until I saw the date of Saturday when I first opened my blog to post right now.
Anyway, I succeeded in my quest for today. I created some happiness. Am showing you two parts of it below. The third will have to wait awhile. I must admit though, the third required the use of my mother's favorite cuss word, S_ _ t, a few times. I could not get my printer to print from my Pages program. I have a new printer and my husband has it set up for wireless BUT something is amiss! Without my tech guy in house and phone help not doing the trick I was quite frustrated. Do not know how it happened but it did spit out one copy of what I was trying to print. I did some cut and pasting and then just used it as a master, to copy, sooooooooooooooooooo I did get it done! Smile. Will show you this sometime later as the project is not finished completely.

I have been wanting to get the words Sweet Dreams on this section of my head board ever since we hung it a few months ago. Accomplished today. Now, hopefully, it will remind me to have only Sweet Dreams. Wishing the same for you.

Like the saying on the head board, I have been wanting to get this vintage print in the frame. Accomplished today. Kim, of 
Sweet Sage Vintage, and Dear Bonnie, do you notice they are PINK roses?! Everyone, I used to hate the color pink. Am a red girl. Still a red girl at heart but finding some common ground  and liking the softer side of red now. Never thought I would say that.

Also have been reading further today on the 90 Minutes in Heaven book. Just not sure about it yet. Well, that is about it. Took a nap, of course. Read a daily reading in my The Language of Letting Go book--Daily meditations for Codependents. Now this is a book I recommend with no reservations what so ever. It is the most powerful daily reading book I have ever encountered. If it does not speak to you one day, it will the next, regardless of your situation. Now, if I can only get my exercise of the body moving a little. Always something on which to work. Grateful that this is the case! Oh yes, don't forget, Sweet Dreams, everyone!


Sweet Sage said...

Love the head~board!
And those lovely PINK roses!

M said...

If you're really interested the Stencilry, sign-ups are good for another week. Go to for the link to sign up.

Judy said...

Cece, the headboard is beautiful! And I love the print in that beautiful frame.

Exercise is good for relieving stress. Go for a walk or a hike through the woods. Walk around one of the small lakes on the Rim. Anything. Good for the body and soul.