Monday, April 20, 2009

What Was I Thinking

What was I thinking
this morning on the way home from dropping Chandler off at school?
 I seriously needed a Starbuck's Latte and I seriously wanted a piece of Lemon Pound cake.

What was I thinking
when I was told there will be no more lemon pound cake at Starbucks?
Seems the company thinks there is a quality control issue as the icing sometimes slides off the pound cake. Well, duh, just start leaving off the icing. The quality control issue is bigger with the banana bread slice I bought in place of the pound cake, if you ask me. The Banana Bread was dry.I am not happy about no more lemon pound cake.

What was I thinking
when I discovered an empty trash can next door, at neighbors that are not up here right now? 
Yes! Yes! Yes!, is what I was thinking. Last week I forgot to put the trash out so this week there was two loads full. Chandler and I "borrowed" the can and now all of our trash will be gone later today! Yes!

What was I thinking?  
I signed up for my first ever online class, Stencilry. You can read about it at 
Marissa from is taking the class. I found out about it via reading her blog. Sign ups continue thought the 24th of the month. From what little I looked at last night on the first lesson, it is going to be well worth the $40. cost for the class. You might want to check it out.
What was I thinking?
 Must have been thinking I would rather be playing than going to the valley for my mother's funeral. My mother would rather me be playing. I KNOW this and it is a nice thing that I know this.

What was I thinking
when I found out my dad spent $15,000. on my mother's funeral that she did not want?
I was thinking it is a good thing my mother isn't in that body because you know the old saying " turn over in your grave"? Well, my mother would be worn out from continuously turning over in hers! As I said in an earlier post, I have come to terms with my dad doing what my dad needs to do ,and, I have! Smile.

What was I thinking
when I called my dad and asked him if we could take everyone to my mother's favorite restaurant, after the funeral, for lunch and before I could even get the sentence out he barked very loudly," No, that is not what I want!"?
O.K. dad, what are you thinking everyone will do afterwards since it is at lunch time?  "GO HOME!", comes the next bark. Alright, then, dad! Smile. Am hoping this means I get to go home too! Actually some of my close friends plan to go to Rigatoni's ( my mom's favorite ) and Randy is calling dad to tell him they have invited us to join them and would he like to go ?  We will see what he says.

What was I thinking?
when Ria called last night to tell me my daughter now knew about my mother's death .
I was thinking I hope I do not hear from her. I do not need to deal with more anguish.

What was I thinking?
  After hanging up I was thinking it might have been Amber.  I do not want to deal with more anguish. 

What was I thinking?
when I got to spend over an hour yesterday on the phone with my dear friend Suzanne in TN? Bliss, Bliss, Bliss

What was I thinking when Chandler and I read from our current bedtime book, Where The Red Fern Grows?
 I was thinking it is nice that he still wants to be read to at night.

What was I thinking
when I started writing this post? 
I was thinking I am grateful to have this creative outlet and to know there are others out there that share with me. To receive such a warm, cozy, feeling via such a cold, mechanical device is well, special, just plain special!

What are you thinking today?

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Jennifer and Kim said...

We are thinking how grateful we are to have your friendship along with the other wonderful friends you have brought to Mystic Paper. We are also thinking that your article that you wrote for us is so creative and out of the box! Thanks CeCe