Thursday, April 9, 2009

Angry, I Feel Angry

I feel angry. Much of the time I feel angry. I don't want to feel angry. I am trying not to feel angry. Despite this, I feel angry. I think I should be big enough to show the world my ability to handle what ever is thrown my way. Even though I know it will someday be alright, at this moment, my insides do not feel alright. My entire being tonight is angry.
My daughter made the newspaper - this time not for graduating from college with honors. I was going to reproduce the article but I can't find it. My husband must have put it away somewhere so Chandler would not see it. It is late and I don't want to awaken him to tell me where it is. Basically the article spoke of her being arrested on a felony domestic charge for running into two vehicles belonging to her 26 year old x-boyfriend, while being very intoxicated. Today she went to court for completely separate charges involving a disturbing the peace charge. This involved a fight. I know this only because Ria took  her to court because she is without a vehicle. Much of the time we all feel held hostage because of her legal rights over this precious little boy. The P.T. Cruiser she purchased, on our credit card, without our permission, along with $4,000. worth of other spending on bar bills, downloading music, etc., over the course of the month of October, is in the hands of the police, I think. How do you like that run on sentence. Just seems like there is a constant stream of run on with her. Seems she reported it stolen for purposes that are unclear, but that is another story. Something involving a hit and run accident, perhaps! Why, you ask, would she have our credit card? It was a credit card we had together,  for the purpose of redoing the house in Pinetop. With her outstanding interior  design degree she was overseeing the renovation for us. This was before we were aware of any problem with her. The card was cancelled immediately upon the first inkling of trouble. 
Yesterday she offered, to Ria, to quit claim deed her portion of the house over to us for the cost of $5,000. This is the house that our family already has  over $70,000. invested. Oh, and she wants a paper giving her rights to profits on the house when it is sold. Profits?
She also, for the umpteenth time is threatening to move to the valley and take Chandler with her.
Yes, angry. I just feel angry and I do not like the way anger feels. Although, as I have said before anger feels better than hurt. However, I think I have read or heard before, if one looks close enough, at the root of anger is hurt. I do not like the way either feels.

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