Friday, April 24, 2009

The Case of Which Shoes to Wear

Wednesday morning I went to an appointment for a pedicure and a manicure. I knew I would be speaking at my mother's service. I wanted to be well groomed since I more than once would mention her perfectionism and her habits of cleanliness.

Just as we were walking out the door I put my shoes on my feet. Immediately my left foot started screaming at me. SCREAMED NO, I will not endure wearing these shoes so you can look cute. The cost is too high. Forget it.

I ran back to my closet and quickly grabbed another pair of shoes. Upon putting them on my feet and looking down, my brain now screamed. You just paid a pretty penny to get a pedicure that not one person will  see, if you wear these shoes. What would your mother think?

Instant Answer--- Wear the plastic flip flops. They are black. They match the dress. They are comfortable. Even though I will be mentioning the fact, at the service, that my mother never let me wear a pair of inexpensive shoes when I was growing up, the act of wearing the plastic flip flops will speak to one more Because of My Mother--- 
Because of My Mother I am secure in what I wear and not afraid of what others will think.
I wonder if any other daughter has worn plastic flip flops to her mother's service. I kind of hope not. It would be nice to be unique. But then again, every mother has unique beauty as does every human being.  Besides, as my mother would say over and over again ( I bet you all have heard this one too! ) Beauty is Only Skin Deep. I imagine there will be many other Because of My Mother thoughts I will have in the upcoming days and weeks.

Would love to hear one of your favorites about your mother.
Fill in the blank:    Because of My Mother _________________.

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