Friday, April 3, 2009

Highlight of Yesterday

Yesterday, after packing in the garage all day long, I met my Bonnie, yes, I said my--I am lucky enough to "own" her friendship, at Mystic Paper, in downtown Mesa.Owner, Jennifer, was chosen by other owner, Kim, to be the one to snap our picture in front of the store. Kim said the camera looked too fancy for her to use. Funny, because all I know how to do is snap a picture. Pretty much the same thing I have done with any camera I have ever owned. Don't know why I thought my skills would improve just by buying a better camera. Sort of like the mindset the commercials use to get you to buy work out equipment or diet food.. They show all these beautiful bodies giving the illusion one will look the same just by purchasing the product. Da----I know better than that. Da---- guess I best experiment more or take a photo class sometime. Hint--Mystic---Photo class???
  We all had a great time discussing American Idol. For the most part, we were all in agreement this year is showing us fabulous talent! 
During our visit, oh my gosh, I can't remember her name-- (this is one of the parts about getting old that I just hate!!!!)  --- I think it is Judy. I know her husband is a police officer in Glendale and that she designs for the line of Seven Gypsies! If her name is not Judy I will correct it later. Anyway, she came to the store to bring her altered apron. Mystic is having an altered apron event for an animal shelter organization. Judy had altered her apron into a cookbook!!! Darling. Darling. This prompted a showing of the other aprons which had been turned in. The rest are due in next week. How delightful and amazing to see the various creations. Each was unique and different, just like each of us human beings. It is one of the things I appreciate so much about being involved with others who love this art. Kind, inspiring, delightful, humans belong to this group.

Bonnie, Kim, and Jennifer admiring Judy's adorable creation

Bon and I are off to have supper at Mango's, down the street from Mystic. Well, we all know both the first picture and this one were snapped at the same setting. Jennifer did such a good job making us look good though that I could not decide which picture to use so I just used both.
Hope you all have a Mystic kind of day!

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