Friday, June 19, 2009

Back On The Same Page

Before I start the body of this story, I would like again, to thank each and every person that gives me support by commenting, emailing, telling me in person or even those of you who say it to the wind. It is often quite windy in these neck of the woods and you have no idea how much my heart strings are held at bay from those demon squirrels by your expressions of kindness. 

On Wednesday my insides felt like the squirrels were chewing and using the strings of my heart in the manner they are using the strings of the hammock. I think I mentioned my husband and I had always agreed on how to handle Amber through those teenage years. Our dissention was new for me and I just could not understand how Maria and Randy could think giving Amber money would make this whole thing go away.

Yesterday, Thursday,after work, Maria came by to talk to us. Amber had dropped Chandler off to stay at Maria's house with Ray, Maria's dad, while she went to court. Even I, at this point, am a little confused as to where I left off on my blog about the ins and outs of the situation.  I do remember I left off with some good news being told to me. On Wed. Randy had called the court to find out about something----, don't remember what, but about an hour later I called the court back because we had received word from Maria that Amber was dropping Chandler off to go to court on Thursday morning. None of the information we had indicated Amber had a court appearance on Thursday morning. I called the court to find out what the appearance was for--- When I called I was reminded there was no court the rest of the week as the judge would not be back in chambers until Monday. Huuuummmmm--- BUT I was then told the warrant for Amber's arrest on the felony charge had been issued. Finally!!! Good news bad news though as it had not been signed yet. The county attorney had been emailed and asked to come by the next day to sign it. That would have been yesterday, Thursday. It did not happen. He did not come by.This meant it would not be signed until Monday when the judge would be back. Had it have been signed though and Amber had been arrested before Monday she would have had to be seen within 24 hours. Don't ask me by whom she would have been seen but??? It would most assuredly been someone not as familiar with all the other goings on involving Amber and who knows if she would have, once again, been set free on her own recognisance. So--- we wait for Monday. Wait once again.  Now--- we have now seen on the website of court thing a ma gigs ( how do you like this lingo ?!) there are two more charges. One of which is not showing up for a court appearance. The other one--- not sure. We don't understand the lingo----Too much to keep up with---- --- just more though!!!!

 Amber knew that there would be no money forth coming until we talked to Maria so she had left Maria alone, in the morning, yesterday. What she did not know was how adamant I was about the situation. Maria had only been here about ten minutes before the first text came from Amber, " Where should I meet you," it said. Another five minutes. Again, " Where should I meet you?"  I continued to hold my ground. To make a long story short, Maria finally said to Randy, " CeCe is right."  We made the plan that I would be the fall guy, because truth be told I was the fall guy. 
Just as I was feeling like I was brow beating the two of them into submission and starting to think maybe I was the crazy one, both Randy and Maria seemed to suddenly understand.Ahhhhhhhh--- After Ria left, Randy came to me and held me and told me he was sorry and thanked me for being so strong. He told me I had always been the strong one when dealing with Amber as a teenager. When I told him that was not the way I remembered it ,he said," CeCe, think about it. You are the birth mother. We never fought about Amber. Don't you think if I had wanted to be the strong one, as the step father and you had wanted to be soft we would have had major problems between the two of us?"  A heavy weight was lifted. ----  A heavy weight. We were back on the same page. People in love stories belong on the same page.

Earlier in the morning Maria had sent us an email her work gang was going to El Rancho after work and we were invited. We were contemplating whether to go, as I started thinking Maria might rather us not be there, as she could probably use a break from us. She called Randy however and asked us to go. She wanted Chandler to see us and she too told Randy to tell me she loved me for being so strong. Thank you. Same page again. I like being on the same page of those in my life

Shortly after Maria told Amber that we were refusing to give her money Amber called our home phone and cell phone and we just ignored the calls. She showed up at Maria's and told Chandler he would not be able to see us on Sat. and she was getting him on Tuesday. ( I think it was Tuesday--it changes by the hour ) and taking him away. She told them she was filing an order of protection against us so we would not be able to see Chandler at all. Maria said he screamed at her," You have ruined our lives."  She told him it was all our fault, etc. etc. etc. She left and he was hysterical. Maria calmed him down as she told him not to worry, she was not taking him anywhere as she was likely going to jail. Maria said he immediately calmed down. Ray, Maria's dad, was unquestionably distraught by the whole scene.
El Rancho-- Delightful to be with people. Chandler wanted to go home with us to spend the night. He turned his phone off so he would not have to respond to Amber if she called or texted him. At one in the morning he woke me up. Sitting on the side of my bed with me half awake he said, " GramCe, the think isn't working." Groggily, I replied, " What thing, Chandler?" He got frustrated with me and said something like, " You should know." I got out of bed and told him to come on-- I would tuck him back in and stay with him till he fell asleep. When I tucked him in he fell asleep almost instantly. It was not until today that I figured out what I think the " thing" was. Once earlier, during this time of trials I had told him to try to only think of "happy times" when he was falling asleep. I think he had awakened and was unable to only think of "happy times" and that was the "thing" of which he spoke.

  This morning Maria came, with Ray and Elaine to get Chandler. Elaine, Maria's mom had arrived last night. They were going on various errands, one of which was to visit pawn shops to look for Chandler's Wii.

We called the new attorney regarding custody. The secretary said she would call us back with an appointment time.
Randy and I took a nap. When I awoke Randy's cell was ringing. I answered it because I did not recognize the number and I thought it was the attorney's office. Wrong. It was Amber. Randy had not put in her new number so it did not show her name. Ahhhhhhhhh-- more of the same old stuff--- bla, bla, bla. I ended up hanging up on her. 

After Randy got up we went to look for the hotel where she was staying so we could tell the police, if necessary, come Monday when the warrant is signed. Chandler had told us he did not know the name of the motel but he had given us some land marks to look for. We found it. Afterwards-
Hot Fudge Sunday at McDonald's.
Home for a walk.
Randy watching A.S.U. and Texas ball game.
There you have it. We are all now on the same page except our daughter. How I wish we could ALL be on the same page but I do not see that ever happening again. 
To Be Continued-

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