Monday, June 8, 2009

Second Post of the Day

This is my second post today and to keep up I should be adding to this post or posting a third time but I need and want a break. Sooooooo--- I am taking one! I will continue this story at a future sitting.

Saturday night around 8:30 Maria called us. She called to say she had received a text message from Amber asking where Chandler was. She said she was picking him up the next day.By court order Amber is not to contact Maria.
Around the same time Amber started calling Chandler, on his phone, demanding that he give the phone to Maria, as she wanted to talk to Maria. Trying to make the situation as easy as possible, on Chandler, Maria took the phone. It is my understanding Amber told Maria she wanted Maria to move back into the house so Maria could secure the house. Amber told Maria she wanted to make things right and she would get the house returned to the condition it was in prior to the painting. I am not sure about the conversation from there except that Amber continued to contact Chandler incessantly until,on his own, he turned off his phone. 
Fast forward to Sunday morning. Due to the conversation with Amber the night before, Maria hired someone to go to the house and change the locks. She came by to drop off Chandler as she and her friend were going to the house to start the process of sweeping it out, cleaning out the refrigerator, etc.

Sometime during the morning we received a phone message from Amber. She indicated she was told by Maria she would need to talk to us. We assumed it was in regards to her being paid the $2,500 for vacating the property. We chose to ignore the call as we had no desire to talk to her.
In the afternoon, Grandy and Chandler went to buy stuff for their fishing trip, in the new boat, that was planned for this morning. They were also going to hit golf balls. I received a message from Amber. She had apparently been to the house and found the locks changed. The message was in the tone of the writing on the walls and told us we had ten minutes to return her call or she would send the police to Maria's house and ours to retrieve Chandler. I immediately called Grandy to tell him about the message. Grandy called Maria and told her he was going to call Amber. In about 30 minutes, Chandler and Grandy arrived back home. Chandler told me he was going upstairs so Grandy and I could talk. He simply does not want to be involved unless it is absolutely necessary.
 Grandy and I went out on the porch and Grandy told me the jest of the conversation which was that Amber continued to claim she had not done the writing ( despite my recognition of her hand writing and her admittance to part of it the night Maria found out about the writing and had the police at the house). She said she would take us to court, if necessary, to get the $2500. At that point Grandy told her to take us to court. Somehow though, he talked her into allowing Chandler to stay with us, for the night, and to go fishing in the morning. He told her Maria was willing to go to the house and unlock the door for her to retrieve what she wanted out of the house. 
In just a few minutes the phone rang again and it was Amber. She had changed her mind and was coming to get Chandler. She wanted a commitment that we would pay her the $2,500. There was much else said but that is the crux of the matter. As in the past, she wanted money. Up until this point, Maria was the one threatened concerning Chandler. It has now spread to us.In order to placate her and buy more time for Chandler, Grandy told her he would have to discuss it with me and he would think about it. She said she would call back in an hour. I am not sure how much time elapsed before the next call came from her. She was on another rampage.  Maria had gotten police to escort her to the house. Remember, Maria has an order of protection out against Amber ----which Amber has violated on more than one occasion. There is actually a court hearing this morning at 8:30 concerning the order of protection.

Any way, Amber told Grandy she was on her way to pick up Chandler. She would not listen to Grandy's pleas. Grandy and I went inside to talk to him. My heart was once again aching and afraid for him. Our plan, that had been formulated with the detective, about calling the police to arrest her ,if she came for him, no longer was in place since she had already been arrested earlier in the week and the judge had released her on her own recognisance, astonishing us all. Ahhhhhhhh--- and the next issue for arrest, for yet another crime, was not yet in place. Ahhhhhhh--- Continuously, Amber refuses to take responsibility for any of her actions. Every word that comes out of her mouth seems to be riddled with lies or reinventions of the truth at best. 
Chandler tells us he does not want to go with her. He is worried because Maria has his phone. Maria had taken his phone, as evidence, for the hearing this morning. We formulated the plan that he would take my phone so he could get in touch with us. We stayed as calm as we could when we talked to him. He said again he would tell he he did not want to go. He actually told us we were not sure she would even show up to get him.
She came. On the porch Grandy asked her again not to do this. She told Chandler to get his things. He asked her what she was going to do with him when she went to court. She said she would take him with her. He started crying and said he wanted to go fishing with Grandy. He said he did not want to go to court with her. She told him she would arrange for him to play with someone I did not recognize. Again, Chandler asked her to let him stay to go fishing. I calmly plead with her to let him stay. Money is brought up again. Chandler is on the porch with his grandfather's arms around him. He is whimpering like a wounded puppy. More garbage ( I like this word that the person used when commenting to me previously -- a good descriptive word ) is said by Amber and all of a sudden she looks at Chandler and says, " Alright, you can stay." Randy is supposed to call her when they come home from fishing. 
I am totally convinced the reason he was allowed to stay is because of the money. She thought by not taking him last night, it played better for her, in the scheme of getting the money.
 Needless to say, earlier in the day, golf did not take place, nor did getting the boat trailer's spare tire pumped up. Grandy took the tire as Chandler and I got supper ready. While Grandy was gone, Chandler and I had a brief but telling conversation about the earlier events. He seldom wants to address any of what is happening so I am thankful when he is willing to get some of it out. He told me he had thought deep down inside he would get to stay with us. I asked him why. His response was to look at all the times she had threatened for bad things to happen and then she did not carry through. He also told me he had wanted to say to her," If you really cared about me you would let me stay." I told him I thought that would have been a very appropriate thing for him to say and I asked him why he had not said it to her. He said he was afraid to say it. He did not know why but he was afraid. I told him I understood.
And so here we are this morning. A grandchild and grandfather are on their first fishing trip in their boat and as I type this Amber and Maria are in court. Maria is armed with pictures and phone texts, and evidence but Amber is armed with her wits, verbal skills and a profound sense of reinventing the truth and it is a powerful skill. A skill so powerful I have seen it time and time again win out over sense and logic. She told her father the judge had let her out this last time, on her own recognisance, because she was profusely throwing up. I guess the court did not have a bucket to give her--
just another free pass. 
Free passes eventually run out....... don't they?

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Paris Cowgirl said...

CeCe, I read this in disbelief...Chandler belongs with you. Isn't Chandler old enough to tell the judge who he wants to be with? My heart goes out to you...Hugs!