Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Update

Hammock Completely Down on One Side
First Rose of the Season

Amber Faces

1. Two Misdemeanor charges in which they are asking jail time. Trial 6/25. She was appointed a public defender yesterday.

2. A Felony summons involving destruction of a Taxi cab. Should turn into a warrant in a few days.

3. Open case on ramming x-boyfriends truck, and an open case on a hit and run with the P. T. Cruiser. Open case on fraud filed by Ria for Amber  opening Paypal, Verizon and Cableone accounts in Ria's  name. And possible case to be filed, by Ria, for destruction of the house.

It has been indicated to us Amber will most likely be looking at a minimum of a year in a county jail, if not prison time. This will be the key in getting custody of Chandler. It is a waiting game. As we have been told by the detective, the criminal justice system is SLOW.

Randy is now at the bank getting money orders for the apartment . Amber told Randy she was stopped for a broken windshield and cannot get her truck registered until the repair takes place. Randy told her he would go to the car shop and pay the bill for the windshield. Randy also  told her we would be getting an estimate on the damages to the house being repaired and if there was any balance when the repair estimate was subtracted from the $2,500. he would pay it in rent to the apartment complex. We suspect there will not be another month's rent due as she will most likely be in jail but again, the process is slow and it seems Amber has a way of avoiding what would put most of us in custody with the blink of an eye.

The good news is----- Ria has started the process of getting the house cleaned up. Dumpster, etc. Hopefully priming the walls will start very soon so Chandler can go to the house. He has a trampoline, a tether ball, and a basketball hoop there so it will encourage him to be outside playing more as opposed to being glued to the computer ( much like his Gramce- smile ) or video games. His best friend is back from CA and we will have the boys today. Chandler's last ball game is tonight and Phillip is spending the night.

Today I am working on my gift packaging. The sun is shinning outside and I have the doors open, finally. This has been a very strange June for Pinetop, AZ.  Cool temperatures and not a lot of sunshine. Ready for some sunshine to stay!

Well, might as well keep this update as current as possible. Grandy just came home with the boys. He told me things went alright at the bank but the money orders were not specifically made out to the apartment complex. He said Amber did leave the bank and go straight to the complex. 
Upon talking to Ria when he picked up the boys he learned Amber broke into the house last night and spent the night there. 
Ria also told Grandy Amber asked her if she thought Grandy would pay for hair extensions!!!

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