Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So What Else Is New

Amber called yesterday morning wanting money. 
Told her we were not giving her cash. 

She agreed to let us pick up Chandler from his house because Ray, Maria's dad was driving Elaine, Maria's mom to Payson, to meet Zachary, Maria's nephew. Zach was coming back to Pinetop with Ray.

Chandler had a cleaning appointment for his teeth that I was paying for since this was a three month cleaning. The orthodontist suggested with braces that the cleaning take place every three months. Amber had originally told Maria to tell me to cancel the appointment ( if you will recall Grandy and I have turned into the "bad" people and Chandler was not to be around us )  but yesterday morning she agreed to let me take him.  Huuummmmmm, there goes that ploy thing again-- trying to show she can be the nice person---She said she wanted him last night. Last night came and went without hearing another peep from her. No complaints about that!!!!!!!

Amber went to court yesterday. We did not even know she had court. Seems the date she went last week that we did not know about was for the felony summons---the same felony summons which turned into a warrant. Well, she went a day late, so they told her to come back yesterday. We knew nothing of this. The judge proceeded to quash the warrant and the hearing was moved from June 25th to July 7th. Once again the detective told Randy he did not understand  it. Well, neither do we. We are just now thinking she will never be made responsible by the court system. We feel so beaten down by it all----

We have an appointment with the new attorney this morning at 10:15 about custody. We will take the court records, what we have documented and our voices to see what he says. We are not hopeful about the outcome.

Sideline- Realtor called with offer on our home. It has gone from being listed at $850,000. ( Realtor set the price over two years ago ) to $575,000. at this moment in time. We are thinking, if it does not sell by the end of the summer, we will lease it. Of course this has been our thoughts at several different price reductions! Smile. We are a mess in our thinking in more than one area! Another smile.

                   Person wants to pay the $575,000. , with $50,000. down and have us finance the rest of the entire mortgage with a balloon payment in seven years. Tells me they can't really afford our home. This means, up front, we would only clear about $25,000., after closing costs, realtor's commission, etc. It would give us income for the seven years but I am worried about my home. We LOVE our home and want someone else to buy it that LOVES it. I don't know that I want to keep attachments to it with someone else living in it that I don't know. And yet, we are thinking about leasing it so what is the difference?! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh----- Doesn't give us cash to build the garage up here------ Ahhhhhhhhhhh---- Just writing out loud. Realtor says we can counter but don't know that we want to even consider it. We are talking about it out loud every now and then though. I thought talking and writing about stuff was supposed to make things better.  Smile. It might make things better but it sure does not seem to help us make decisions!

Hey, I have been writing several smiles in this post. That is a Good Thing!

Yesterday, when Chandler and I were driving home from the dentist in Snowflake ( it is about a 40 minute drive ) we were talking about dental insurance and Social Security. I turn 62 this summer and will start drawing social security in September. Chandler said he would be glad when he turned 62 and could get S.S. I told him it would be here sooner than he thought and there were lots of fun times to be had before that happened. His response made me happy. He said," Yep, and I can think of one of them coming up in July." In July he has vacation with Ria and his cousin. We gave them a time share week. After we talked about this he said," And then there is one in October." I didn't know what  the October one was so he started giving me hints. I finally got it. There is a weekend in October that kids can go to Sunrise and get a free skiing pass for the entire season by reciting a skiing safety rule. This past year he was not taken to get the free pass. We have told him this year we will be taking him so he and Grandy can go to the slopes more often. This event was the October event of which he spoke.     What made me happy about this conversation was a couple of weeks ago Grandy had said something to him, on the way to bed, about life being good. Chandler's response was that it wasn't good, it sucked.  
I guess this is typical of all of us. Some days it sucks and other days it doesn't.  Well, I have just reminded myself of something to remember today! And with that I will leave you with a smile and hoping you have a day that says Life is Good!


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