Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Unraveling Continues

The latest look of the hammock upon our arrival back in Pinetop. I thought I had better post now before it is too late! It appears to me there are lots of little squirrels being born this year! Our hammock is quickly being devoured for squirrel nests. I am trying to document this once a week.
This end is greatly damaged.
The other end is just now being eaten away.

Before I get too far behind in continuing the central story of our family I should update the story about Maria talking to Chandler about serving Amber with order of protection papers.
This is a continuation of the chapter I started on Thursday, May 21st entitled Squirrel Recycling. After Chandler's baseball game, we did indeed have pizza with Ria so she could talk to Chandler about going to the police concerning his mommy Amber. Chandler wanted to know if his mom was going to jail. He was told we did not know but she had other illegal things pending other than the charges filed by Ria. He was also warned, once she was served with the papers, she might wig out and want to keep him from all of us.  As a group we decided to not have him go to school on Friday, the last day of school. We realized he would be getting out at 11:30 anyway and movies were the work of the day. Chandler said he just wanted us to stop by and get his report card and get to the valley so his mommy Amber would be able to take him from school away from us. That is what we did.
As we reached the valley around 11:30 the call came. Grandy and I could only hear Chandler's side of the conversation, of course, but it was obvious Amber had been served and she was wigging out. We heard Chandler tell her he was not with her ( meaning Ria ) He said this about three times and then told her he was already in the valley. We learned later this comment was in response to her telling him he could not go to the valley. We then heard him saying to her," And take me where? Where are you going to take me" He then screamed no into the phone and hung up.

He could not talk to us at first. We let him alone for about five minutes and then I quietly told him when he was able to talk he needed to let us know what had been said so we could protect him. He slowly told us Amber had told him she was picking him up on Monday and he would not be able to see any of us again. Randy quietly assured him that would not happen. Grandy explained we would not even be in Pinetop on Monday. We would be in the valley all week long. He explained his mother most likely did not even know school was out and that Monday was Memorial day. We also told him we had a text from his mother, giving him permission to go to the valley on Friday. We also had his orthodontics appointment information for his appointment on Wed.  When Grandy finished he hung his head and shook it. " These are just crazy times.  This is supposed to be my vacation. I am supposed to be having a good time and enjoying myself. I am not supposed to be having to think about all this craziness." Grandy told him he was exactly right and to not think about the craziness, to just think about having a good time in the valley. It would be alright.
Well, needless to say, we were holding our breath for a while. We wondered if Amber would call the police and threaten us with kidnapping. Nothing happened in terms of us and Chandler. Amber has not contacted him since-----but of course there is more drama.

We stayed in the valley until this past Sunday. Ria's school district was still in session so she returned to Pinetop/Lakeside to be at work the Tuesday after Memorial day.
Sometime during the week, a detective called Ria concerning her fraud case against Amber. He is a detective that actually worked with Amber the year she was a probation officer. We also had met him once in another earlier incidence. He told Maria he could not believe what Amber looked like in the picture he saw of her. He asked Maria if we had gotten custody of Chandler. Maria told him we did not think we had enough yet on Amber to file the custodial papers. He said he was not so sure about that. 
Remember the cable equipment that Ria needed to return to the cable company---the cable fraud and the phone fraud charges? Well, Maria sent someone to the house to pick up the cable stuff last Friday. Well, when Rene' got there he found profanities spray painted all over the front sun room walls. He called Maria and she called the police to go with her to the house. When they arrived they found profanities painted or marked with markers on all the rooms downstairs, doors, and the shades ripped off of the windows. Amber was very belligerent and Ria said she was almost arrested. Ria also said it is very obvious the police do not like Amber in the least. The police told Amber they had just been at the house the night before and this was not done to the house at that time. They also told Amber they would testify to that. I guess she was claiming she had not done it. The police told Maria it was the most sober they had seen Amber. The night before they had been there because Amber had an antique bed set up in the driveway ( one I purchased in TN for her years ago ) and Robert, old boyfriend ( you might remember him from an earlier post ) had flattened the bed with his truck. The police were not able to do anything to Amber yet, about the house, because Maria had not filed eviction papers. She starts that process today. First step is to send Amber a certified letter which gives her five days to vacate the property. 
Do you remember Amber had a court date for Thursday, the 20th? Well, she did not show up for court. Seems she sent someone to the courthouse supposedly with a Doctor's excuse. Ria sent some friends to the courthouse on that Thursday to see what happened. That is how we know about her sending someone with the excuse. We also went on line to look at court records. When we went on line and looked at the court records it showed a warrant was issued for her arrest for failure to appear.   This was last Thursday, the same Thursday the police had been to the house in the evening for the Robert incident. Maria had also asked the police, last Friday, about the warrant for not appearing in court on Thursday. They told it takes time for the warrant to appear to them????? Seems to me if there is a warrant now, they know where she lives so why wouldn't they just go arrest her?

Randy called the detective today. Randy got his voice mail and he left a message.We plan to discuss the issue with him and then decide if it is indeed time to file the custodial papers.
And so it is this part of the drama continues to unravel. I just wish it would hurry up and completely unravel.

Alright, think that catches you up with this particular story line of our lives.
 Another story line is what kept my heart awake last night and I got up at four o'clock and took half a xanax. Knew better. A fourth is all my body can handle. It got me to sleep but I have not felt right all day. It is slowly leaving my system though and there will be no more mistakes about taking more than a fourth of a pill. I seem to be a wimp. My prescription is lasting for months since I have taken a total of one and a fourth pills in four months!
 My heartaches have the underlying issue of me trusting people.  I think it is also a huge issue of trusting myself and my judgement. My daughter is not the only family member that I have had poor judgement about and trusted. I think this is a good place to stop today's family rendition though----

I will close with a Patriotic Treat!

Is this darling or what?
 My friend Bonnie made this for me. It is a vintage bed spring with a sheet of America the Beautiful music paper wrapped in a cone. The spring is then decorated. LOVE IT! Smile.
I want to find enough of the springs to use for one of my packaging projects. I will crimp the bottom of the paper and fill it with goodies. 
I can also see the spring used as a base for a decoration for all the holidays throughout the year. THANK YOU, BONNIE!
We are off to another All American pass time this evening. Chandler has a baseball game. Best get my team spirit clothes on!
Thanks to all of you who are on my team in this blog land community. 
Thanks for rooting for me and my family.

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Paris Cowgirl said...

I think that what other people think really is none of our business...but make it your business to know that so many of us hold you in our hearts. You and Randy are very special people. Chandler has no choice in this matter, but you do. And instead of turning a blind eye you both step in and make sure that this innocent little boy is loved and cared for. Nuff said!