Thursday, June 4, 2009

Warning Pictures May Be Disturbing

Randy and I met with the detective yesterday. He confirmed there are two warrants out for Amber's arrest. Bail is set at $500. for each one. There was also a felony summons issued yesterday. We were told bail would be set much higher for this, if the summons is ignored and a warrant is issued for this charge. This case is regarding Amber not paying a taxi cab driver and for her getting on the hood of the cab and jumping up and down causing damage to the vehicle. We also found out there is still a hit and run under investigation. 
After the meeting yesterday, Randy and I went by the house to take pictures of the damage done to the house and to retrieve the cable equipment for Maria to turn back into the cable company. When we approached the house, unexpectedly we saw Amber's truck in the drive. Randy drove on by. He told me he thought he saw Amber sitting inside the truck but was not sure if Amber had seen us. We went down the road and called the police. Unfortunately, Amber had left when the police got to the house. After this we returned to the house to take our pictures. The police have pictures of the damage and they also have the spray paint cans used. I wanted my own pictures for documentation. My blog serves as a timeline and building a case for getting custody of our grandson. The detective reiterated the importance of keeping this record.
Maria called this morning. She had a message from the constable concerning her order of protection. The message said Amber had been served and Amber had requested a hearing that was set for June 8th. Maria was also told Amber had been served with another order of protection from another person. The message went on to say Amber was picked up last night and is in jail. Maria called the court and got confirmation that Amber is indeed in jail. We are not sure what happens next. 
My camera ran out of battery juice as I was finishing up taking pictures. I did not get to the guest room but it is just more of the same. I also did not get enough pictures of the disgusting living conditions. The only pictures I have posted here are of the destructive writing all over the walls, doors, door jams,ceilings,etc. It is just bizarre to us--- this is a house that was once a darling home. It now looks like a crack house. I think Randy and I continue to be in shock. We just keep using the word BIZARRE.
Randy is at the golf course with Chandler right now. Chandler had a little golf tournament today, as a wrap up to the golf camp he has attended this week. A much happier game than the waiting game we are playing with our daughter's destruction.
As the title of the post says--the following pictures may be disturbing--- 


Sandy said...

How can one leave a comment or message of hope? I feel inadequite and speechless. Pictures do say a lot that some how words can only try to express. I have even more understanding sweet lady of your trials and tribulations. You are doing good work. Maybe sometimes the harder the road, the more meaningful the gift you are to others. I have a feeling this is so true of you. Just in case you are wondering- I'm thinking- of you!

Paris Cowgirl said...

CeCe, words cannot describe how my heart feels for you. My mother in laws favorite saying "this too shall pass" seems inadequate. Thinking of you.

Garden Girl said...

You get my Courageous Mother Award.
A picture, or two or three or four, can say a thousand words and my heart just breaks all over again for you.
I continue to lift you up in my thoughts and prayers.


Yvonne said...

CeCe and Randy
WOW!!! I can't believe a friend I thought I knew and loved has been so capable of such things. I am so disturbed by Amber's behaviors and actions. I have such fear of what she could do and how she could affect Chandler's, Maria's and your lives. I feel a lost in my heart over our friendship but do not know if I can overcome all she has done. You are all in my thoughts daily!
Sign me up when it comes time to do clean up and repairs to the house to make it a home again.
CeCe, I also wanted you to know that I am sorry for the loss of your mother. I was sadden by the news.
Thinking of you
Love, Yvonne

CeCe said...

Just want to post a thank you to each of you for your comments and support.
Thanks Yvonne-- it is hard to think you know someone and--- I am her mother and question myself.
Love to each of you for your thoughts and prayers. CeCe