Sunday, June 21, 2009

Now Here Is A Switch

Pictures to go with commentary!

Drinks on the porch last night . Our toast was to dad's.

Chandler with his his two grandfather's, Grandy and Poppy out for breakfast. We missed not having my dad, Chandler's Great PaPa with us. Maria called yesterday and invited us to go out this morning. There was to be no talk of Amber but she called Chandler during breakfast. I would have preferred he not answer ( I hate cell phones when one is eating ) but anyway, she did tell him he could stay with Ria until tomorrow, Monday. The longer we can stall her getting him the better. We are hoping the warrant is signed in the morning. If so, if she won't let him stay with Ria and calls the police she will be arrested instead of taking him away. Other than that breakfast was yummy. We ate at Mama Bear's. Grandy and I had not eaten there before. They have an outside eating area which was quite charming.

My fuchsia pink Peonies photographed through my fence. I wish they were light pink but I guess that gives me an excuse to plant some more. Smile. 

Close up of my white Peonies which are planted out back. I am so glad I inherited these with the house when we bought it.

Chandler with the horse he rode when he went on his two hour trail ride. 

This evening we are going to Chandler and Ria's for supper. Elaine, Ria's mother is cooking a turkey. I am not required to take a single thing! Thank you, Elaine!
 Randy and I have power washed the fence and weeded the vegetable garden. We hope to start sealing the fence tomorrow.
I hope you all have enjoyed this beautiful day.

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Sweet Sage said...

wHaT?! planting more PINKS?!!
pretty, pretty peonies .. and so nice to see some SMILES!!!