Friday, June 5, 2009

If Only Amber's Life Remained This Sweet and Innocent

I was lucky enough to have my camera in my hand about 35 years ago.
 -- If Only--

About eleven thirty yesterday, Ria called to let me know Amber had been released from jail on her own recognisance . Unbelievable, just unbelieveable  after what the detective had told us the day before. Now understand, the warrants were issued due to her failure to appear for the charges earlier. Why waste the police's time having her arrested if she is not even going to be required to post bail? The detective had said the judge would not release her since these warrants were already because of failure to appear. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh----     Well, it should not be long before the felony summons turns into a warrant. Randy and I checked the mailbox yesterday to see if she had picked up any mail and she had not.  It is so frustrating but we are patient. As long as Chandler is safe and she is not threatening to take him we can patiently wait. Today it has been two weeks since she called him that day in the car. He appears to be doing fine but I know all too well he has got to have some pent up emotions. We cannot get him counseling until we have custody. 
Last night we watched the movie, The Curious Life of Benjamin Button. Gave me an excuse to cry my eyes out. 
In just a minute we are going to look at a fishing boat advertised in the paper. I hope it is a good one, for these boys of mine, and gives me an excuse to smile broadly. I will let you know!

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Sweet Sage said...

Sweet Sweet CeCe ~
I much prefer this picture over the last few, and I know you will treasure it always. I am without words.
Your anguish is one I'm sure I've never ever felt. Hoping against hope that things will settle soon. Chandler is blessed to have Grandy and Gramce keeping watch over him. Wishing you all God's loving and tender care ~