Sunday, June 14, 2009

Covering Up The Mess

Purchased 15 gallons of paint yesterday at Sherwin Williams. Ten gallons of a neutral tan and five gallons of white for trim. Chandler was very much into helping me pick out the paint color. Cute.

Friends of Ria's have been helping clean at the house. Ria has stayed there the past couple of nights. Yesterday, during the day she had a man that was toothless man wander in the door looking for Amber. It did not dawn on me until last night that the toothlessness could be from drug use---meth can do that to one. I am glad there are new locks on the doors and there are now sticks for the windows to keep them from being opened.

Much of the graffiti has been primed. Chandler actually helped prime some yesterday. He already knew about the graffiti and we had to take the paint to Ria. He was with us. He was told he did not need to go in the house, he could wait in the car. He chose to go in and wanted to help. He just ignored the messages on the wall. Grandy closely watched him. He seems to be very excited about the house. He told us it felt like we were buying back a house we already owned. We told him that was exactly what was happening.

His Wii and games-- missing from his bedroom
    Hidden gift card to Best Buy---missing
    Hidden allowance----missing
    Quarter collection---missing

Friday night Chandler's best friend Philip spent the night with him at our house. They stayed up after we went to bed. About one in the morning Chandler awoke me. He told me he needed my help. I asked him what was wrong and he told me he wanted to go home to his old house. I told him I thought it would not be long before his old house was fixed up and he and Ria would be able to be there.  I think Philip had fallen asleep on the couch and Chandler just started thinking---- which is what we all do at times------ I got up and woke Philip up and took them both upstairs and tucked them in for the evening. On Sat. we took Philip home and headed to the paint store.

Grandy just got back from taking Chandler over to the house. He wanted to help paint some more today. Ria has lots of friends there to help. The holes just got patched this morning. Chandler will be coming back here to stay tonight. 

Court in the morning at nine thirty for the eviction hearing. Randy plans to go.
Amber called Ria and wanted to stay at the house on Friday night and Sat. night and Ria stood her ground and said no.
According to what Amber told Grandy she will be able to get into her apartment on Wed. He had three money orders written out for this purpose but he has continuously been whipping himself as the orders were not made out to the apartment complex. He is hoping beyond hope that Amber did not cash them for other purposes. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh----she told him she had to have a place to live and she was not going to mess this up. We will see----

Wait, Wait, Wait----------

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