Monday, June 22, 2009

Frustrated Beyond Belief

Well, it is Monday. 
Well, so what?

Randy talked to the clerk, at the court, this morning around 8:15. The judge wasn't in yet. We were told we would be called when the warrant was signed. Randy was also told, on Friday, Amber had come to the court and had a friend go into the court house to sign an appeal about the eviction. Randy was told Amber waited in the car with a sheet over her head. Don't ask how the person at the court knew this as we have no clue.Our hope is she thinks there is a viable warrant right now on which the police can act.  Anyway, it cost money to file the appeal so the friend ask for it to be waved. The judge would be the one to wave it and we all know the judge would not be in till today. We weren't sure if Amber would show up today to ask for the waiver. Goodness, there is not much we are sure about these days except we are frustrated beyond belief.

Randy talked to the detective around 12:45. Guess what-even when the judge signs the warrant it then has to be posted. Seems this takes a couple of days before it is actually up in the system and can be acted upon by the police. Thursday is her court date for the two misdemeanors and the felony charge. Looking like to us this warrant won't be up until then. Ahhhhhhh---
So, what does this mean? It means we are ready to scream.  Quite honestly, not that it is in the form of screaming, but we are at each other's throats again. The detective told us again not to give her money.

Amber texted Maria asking her since it was Monday and the five days she is allowed in the house are up today if we were going to give her money. Seems Maria texted Amber back, she doubted it since Amber had filed the appeal and Amber was threatening to take our life away ( meaning threatening to take Chandler away ) Response from Amber was she would not have to take Chandler away if we would give her money.  At this point we went to bed for a nap---up too early today today and I, for one, was exhausted. Sleep seems to be our only escape and even then sometimes we dream about it all.

This morning we picked Chandler up, from his house, to take him to breakfast. We were all a little worried about Amber showing up and getting him. We were trying to keep him away until the warrant  was up and running. This, of course, was before we knew that would not happen today. Anyway, when we got to the restaurant, we decided Chandler would leave his phone in the car. As we were discussing this he said to us, " Don't you wish we could have a tracking system on my phone so you could tell where I am at all times." Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh----

After breakfast he wanted to go to the pawn shop to see if his Wii was there. We went. It wasn't. We took Chandler back to the house to be with his other grandparents. 

That is where we are. Randy is still sleeping. I am drinking a cup of tea. In a few minutes I am going outside to wire brush our willow furniture. We power washed it yesterday after finishing the fence. It has to be resealed every couple of years. I will be brushing vigorously trying to brush away some of my frustration. There is no doubt there will be more to come as the day goes by. It is looking like this frustration will continue for a time frame that is beyond belief.

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